Short Notes:- Isolation, Quarantine, Endemic, Epidemic, Pandemic

Mofizur Rahman

Short Notes:- Isolation, Quarantine, Endemic, Epidemic, Pandemic

Short Notes:- Isolation, Quarantine, Endemic, Epidemic, Pandemic


Definition Isolation:

According to the CDC, Isolation is the act of separating a sick individual with a contagious disease from healthy individuals without that contagious disease in order to protect the general public from exposure of a contagious disease.

Purpose of Isolation:

To limit the spread the disease in the community.

Periods of isolation:

As long as the disease remains communicable, that is it may be short, same or incubation period.
Restriction for: Infected persons.


Definition Quarantine:

A specific period of time in which a person or animal that has a disease, or may have one, must stay or be kept away from others in order to prevent the spread of the disease:

Purpose of Quarantine:

To prevent the transport of infection across national boundaries.

Periods of Quarantine:

The longest usual incubation period for that specific disease.
Restriction for: Healthy contacts of an infectious disease.


Definition Endemic:-

Constant presence of a disease or infectious agent within a given geographic area or the population group, without importation from outside.

Period:- Long (continuous)

Example: Cholera in Bangladesh, Malaria in hill tracts, Goiter in Rangpur


Definition Epidemic

An epidemic is a disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population, or region.
Period: Short (communicable disease), Long (non- communicable disease)

  1. Communicable: Measles, Chicken pox.
  2. Non-Communicable: CHD, Lung cancer.
Health related behaviour: Smoking


Definition Pandemic:-

Pandemic is an epidemic that's spread over multiple countries or continents.
Period: Short
Example: Covid-19 Pandemic, Influenza & Pandemic etc.

Short Notes:- Isolation, Quarantine, Endemic, Epidemic, Pandemic

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