Suggestions For Victorian Poetry, 3rd year

Mofizur Rahman

Suggestions For Victorian Poetry, 3rd year
Subject: Victorian Poetry
Short Questions & Broad Questions

Suggestions For Victorian Poetry, 3rd year

Tennyson (Victorian Poetry)

  • Locksley Hall
1. Why did the speaker of the poem 'Locksley Hall' fail to marry his beloved? [Page-46]
2. What is
the glass of Time? [See A Study Guide, Page-43]
3. How does Tennyson satirize the Victorian age in
"Locksley Hall"? [See A Study Guide, Page-44]
4. What is Tennyson's opinion's about knowledge and wisdom? [See A Study Guide, Page-45]
5. What optimistic
belief of Tennyson do you find in the poem "Locksley Hall"? [See A
Study Guide, Page-45]
  • The Lotos Eaters
1. Why does it seem always afternoon in the land of the
Eaters? (See A Study Guide, Page-53] 
2. How does the poet
portray the changing moods of the sailors in "The Lotos Eaters"? [Page -54]
3. What is the effect of the Lotos on the sailors? [See A
Study Guide, Page-55]
4. How do the mariners contrast their toilsome life with the processes of Nature? [Page-56]
5. Describe the land of the Lotos Eaters. [See A Study
Guide, Page-541

  • Oenone

1. Why is Oenone in a sad mood? [See A Study Guide, Page-47]
2. Write a note on dramatic monologue. (See A Study Guide,
Page 731
3. Can "Oenone" be termed as dramatic monologue?
[See A Study Guide, Page-46
4. the moral message the "Oenone"? [See of Study
Guide, Page-47]
5. Paris accept the offer Aphrodite? justified from your
point of view? [See Study Guide,
6. What the fault Oenone? Is she innocent victim fate? [See
Study Guide,


1. How "Tithonus" fall into the genre dramatic
monologue? [See A Study Page
2. Comment Tennyson's use of imagery "Tithonus". [See
A Study Page-60
3. Write note on character Tithonus. [See A StudyPage-63]
4. legend Tithonus serves purposes not onlypeople but also
for the mankind"-Discuss.[ Page-62]

Robert Browning(Victorian Poetry)

  • Andrea del Sarto

1.  Describe character Lucrezia? [See A Study
2. Describe beauty Lucrezia. (See A Study Page-138]
3. Describe Andrea as faultless painter. (See A Study Guide,
4. Why Andrea consider himself failure as an artist? A Guide,
5. How does Browning deal with art artist's life "Andrea
del Sarto"? [See A Guide, Page-140)
6. How does Andrea criticize the contemporary style of
Renaissance art? [Page-141]
7. "Andrea del Sarto" is a poem of marital
tragedy. Elucidate this view. [Page-141]

  • Fra Lippo Lippi

1. Describe the central theme of "Fra Lippo Lippi'?
[See 4 Study Guide, Page-143]
2. What kind of paintings had Fra Lippo's monastic superiors
wished him to paint? [Page-144]
3. Describe Browning's use of irony in "Fra Lippo
Lippi". [See A Study Guide, Page-147]
4. Describe Browning's attacks on idealized art in "Fra
Lippo Lippi". (See A Study Guide, Page-147]
5. Write what you know about Fra Lippo Lippi's early life.
[See A Study Guide, Page-146]

  • The Last Ride Together

1. How does the lover rationalize his rejection by his
ladylove? [See A Study Guide, Page-131)
2. Why does the lover claims that his achievement is greater than that of a poet? [Page-132]
3. Why
does the lover consider himself superior to the sculptor? (See A Study Guide, Page-133]
4. Comment on the ending of the poem "The Last Ride Together". [See A Study Guide, Page-134)
5. Comment on the title of the poem, "The Last Ride
Together". [See 4 Study Guide, Page-134]
6. Examine the nature of Browning's optimism in 'The Last
Ride Together'. [page-135]

  • My Last Duchess

1. Trace the elements of aristocratic life in "My Last
Duchess". (See A Study Guide, Page-149)
2. What Victorian quality do you find in "My Last
Duchess"? [See A Study Guide, Page-150]
3. Describe women's role and identity in Browning's "My
Last Duchess". [Page-151]
4. Point out the Victorian male dominion over the Victorian
women as you find in "My Last Duchess".
5. Describe Browning's attitude to art and artists as
expressed in "My Last Duchess". [Page-152)
6. What
kind of a man was the Duke of the poem 'My Last Duchess'? [See A Study Guide, Page-153]

Matthew Arnold(Victorian Poetry)

  • Thyrsis

1. Describe the importance of the elm-tree in the lives of
Arnold and his friend. [ Page-220]
2. What is Amold's view about Truth? [See A Study Guide,
3. Comment on the ending of the poem "Thyrsis".
4. How does Arnold present the contrast between the man made
things and the objects of nature in 'Thyrsis'? [See A Study Guide, Page-217]

  • Dover Beach

1. What sensory images do you find in "Dover
Beach"? [See 4 Study Guide, Page-223)
2. Write a short note on 'Sophocles'. [See A Study Guide,
3. Why does Arnold refer to Sophocles? (See A Study Guide,
Page 224
4. Describe the image of the sea in "Dover Beach".
(See A Study Guide, Page-225] 
5. What is the poem 'Dover Beach' about? [See A
Study Guide, Page-222]

  • The Scholar Gipsyon

1. What is pastoral elegy? [See 4 Study Guide, Page-226]
2. Discuss The Scholar Gipsy as a pastoral elegy. [See A
Study Guide, Page-227]
3. Write a short note on "Modern People" in
Arnold's "The Scholar Gipsy". [Page-229]
4. Describe Arnold's theory of poetry as criticism of life.
[See 4 Study Guide, Page-230]
5. Discuss Arnold's criticism of life in "The Scholar
Gipsy". [See A Study Guide, Page-230]
6. Describe, in brief, the legend of "The Scholar
Gipsy". [See A Study Guide, Page-228]

G.M. Hopkins(Victorian Poetry)

1. Write a short note Hopkins' presentation of the bird in
"The Windhover". [Page-273]
2. Summarize
the poem "The Windhover". [Page-274]
3. Consider "The Windhover" as a sonnet. [Page-275]
4. Who was Felix Randal? [See 4 Study Guide, Page-275]
5. What kind of joy did Hopkins feel when he prayed for the
blacksmith? [Page-278]
6. How is the blacksmith compared to the horse in 'Felix Randal'? [See A Study Guide, Page-277] 
7. Who was Margaret?
[See A Study Guide, Page-278]
8. What is the significance of the title "Spring and
Fall" by G. M. Hopkins? [Page-279
9. What biblical reference is made in the poem, "Spring
and Fall"? [See 4 Study Guide, Page-280]
10. Write a note on the shadow of grief in the poem
"Spring and Fall". [See A Study Guide, Page-280 
11. The poem
"Spring and Fall" is about spirituality than nature. Discuss. [Page-279]
12. Why was Margaret shocked in 'Spring and Fall"? [Page-281]
13. What is pied beauty? [S Page-282] 
Why does Hopking grateful to God for his creations of dappled things" [Page-283] 
15. What
is "Curtal" sonnet? [See A Study Guide, Page-284]


Broad Questions(Victorian Poetry)

Alfred Tennyson

1. Write on the pictorial quality of Tennyson's poetry. [See
4 Study Guide, Page-791 
2. How does Tennyson handle myth and legend
in the poems you have read? [Page-76]
3. Write how 'Tennyson highlights the Victorian spirit in
his poems./ Tennyson as a representative poet of his age [See 4 Study Guide,
4. 'Tennyson is at his best in his lyrical and descriptive
poems". Explain with illustrations. [Page -80]

Robert Browning

1. Justify Robert Browning as an optimistic poet. [See A
Study Guide, Page-173]
2. Evaluate Robert Browning as a writer of dramatic
monologues. [See A Study Guide, Page-175]
3. "The poetry of Robert Browning reveals a deep
knowledge of the psychology of men and women".-Discuss. [See A Study
Guide, Page-179]

Matthew Arnold

1. Write a critical appreciation of the poem
"Dover Beach". [See 4 Study Guide, Page-261]
2. Give an account of the pastoral elements in Arnold's
poetry that you have read. [ Page-247]
3. Comment on the elegiac elements as found in Arnold's
poems./ Discuss Arnold's poetry as criticism of life with reference to the
poems you have read. [See A Study Guide, Page-253])
4. Discuss The Scholar Gipsy' as a pastoral elegy. [See A
Study Guide, Page-250]

G. M. Hopkins

1. Describe Hopkins as a religious poet Trace the devotional elements in Hopkins's poetry [Page-301]
2. Critically analyse "Felix Randal" as a sonnet.
[See 4 Study Guide, Page-308]
3. Consider 'Pied Beauty as a religious poem. [See A Study
Guide, Page-305]
4. Write about the imagery that you find in the poem
"Felix Randal'. [See A Study Guide, Page-310]

Short Notes (Victorian Poetry)

  • Fra Lippo Lippi
  • Andrea
  • Oenone
  • Ulysses
  • Michael Angelo 
  • The Cumner Hills
  •  Raphael
  • Phoenician tradero 
  •  Arthur Hugh Clough
  •  Oxford Movements
  • Bold Musicality 
  • Sonnets
  • Michael Angelo 
  • Cosimo of the Medici
  • The Oxford countryside 19. The Last Duchess
  • Oxford Movement 20. Neptune lasotang se 21.
  • Dover la Tyrian trader
  • Dido

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