Vocabulary Cloze Test without Clues For JSC, SSC & HSC - Pdf


Vocabulary Cloze Test without Clues For JSC, SSC & HSC - Pdf

Cloze Test without Clues For Class 7, 8, 9-10, 11-12 & JSC-JDC, SSC-Dakhil, HSC-Alim

Vocabulary Cloze Test without Clues with Ans:-
Most Important Vocabulary:-
Cloze Test without Clues


Vocabulary Cloze Test without Clues

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
1. Science has (a)----------many wonders. A lot of achievements in the last 50 years (b)---------- our life. It has brought a (c)----------in the field of medical science. Today human beings can desire a longer life with the help of heart (d)----------.The (e) ----------of mobile phone and internet had added a new dimension in information(f)-----------.People can send their messages to a (g)----------place within a second. Science has made many impossible task (h) ----------.
Answer: 1. (a) discovered, (b) changed, (c) revolation, (d) implanting, (e) invention, (f) technology, (g) distant, (h) possible.

2. It is really (a)----------to realise about the amazing scientific (b)----------human being have made in the last(c)----------decades. Cell phone is one of these great achievements of them. Though it (d) ----------its appearance only in the 1990s, more than 100 millions people in Bangladesh, (e)----------more than 4.6 billion people in the world (f)----------cell phone today. People from all (g)----------of life,(h)----------street hawker to business executives and from villagers to city dwellers use it.
Answer: 2. (a) incredible, (b) achievements, (c) few, (d) made, (e) as well as, (f) using, (g) walks, (h) from.

3. We all know what a dream is, Generally we dream during our sleep. Some dreams are sweet or(a)----------.When we dream something extremely bad, we call it a (b) -. Dreams have no (c).----------. They are soft and (d)----------. The dream we have during the day time is called (e)----------. Dreams have fascinated philosophers for thousand of years, but none could (f)---------- specifically what dream actually is Dreams can be extraordinarily (g) ----------or very vague. While many theories have been proposed no consensus has emerged. It is important to consider that science is still (h)-----------the exact purpose and function of sleep itself.
Answer: 3. (a) beautiful (b) bad dream (c) definition (d) hard (e) daydream (f) explain (g) real (h) unable.

4. The persona of a traffic policeman has always been a (a)----------one. It has often found (b)----------space and close treatment in literature and other (c) ----------. Besides the many poems about this (d)-----------character, there is at least one (e)----------where the central character is a traffic policeman. In 1963, Greek film maker Filippos Fylaktas made this film (f)----------.My Brother, the Traffic policeman. It featured a slightly (g)----------traffic police, Antoni's Pikrocholos who is utterly (h)----------to service and duty.
Answer: 4. (a) curious (b) important (c) arts (d) fascinating (e) movie (f) named(g) manic(h) devoted.

5. There goes a proverb that child is (a) ---------- of the man. Today's child isthe (b)---------- of a nation. He will (c)---------- the country. The whole (d) ---------- depends on their proper (e)----------. It is our fundamental (f)----------to rouse their(g)----------talent. A sound environmént is (h)----------both in the family and the society so that a child can grow up physically, mèntally and spiritually.
Answer: 5. (a) father (b) future (c) lead(d) country (e) leading (f) duty (g) latent (h) necessary.

6. In recent years there have been many alarming reports that world's climate is undergoing a significant change. All these reports provide (a)----------evidence (b)---------- world's temperatures are increasing day by day. This increase in global (c) - is caused (d)----------increased amounts of carbon dioxide (e)---------- the earth. Most climatologists(f)----------that greenhouse effect is the likely cause of this global warming. It may harm human (g)----------seriously. This could catastrophically reduce mankind's (h)----------to grow food.
Answer: 6. (a) strong (b) that (c) warming (d) by (e) around (f) believe (g) environment (h) ability.

7. We know that all species are.(a)----------for maintaining ecological balance. If one is (b)----------,the whole natural environment(c)In order to (d)----------the environment from being spoilt, we should therefore protect (e)----------wildlife. The good news is that many countries are now (f)---------- action to protect their (g)----------wildlife. We should (h)----------the earth's wildlife to save ourselves.
Answer: 7. (a) important (b) destroyed (c) imbalance (d) save (e) the (f) taking (g) endangered (h) protect.

8. Diaspora is an age-old (a)----------. In recent times, Rohingya (b)----------has attracted a lot of attention. More than one million Rohingya's have (c)----------from Myanmar to Bangladesh. Their migration is (d)----------to the adverse conditions in Rakhine State of Myanmar the ancestral homeland of the Rohingya's. The government of Bangladesh has(e)----------this huge number of refugees on humanitarian (f)----------. But these people are a huge (g)----------on our economy and on our (h)---------
Answer: 8. (a) tradition (b) issue (c) migrated (d) caused (e) sheltered (f) reason (g) burden (h) environment

9. Dream is a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. Dream is a (a)----------of unconscious wishes, thoughts and imaginations. It (b)----------be sweet or horrible, When we dream (c)----------pleasant, we call it a sweet dream. (d)----------when we dream something extremely bad we (e)----------it a nightmare. Dream is meaningless if (f)----------is a day dream. But dream has also (g)----------real purpose as it is related to our (h)----------emotional and physical well-being.
Answer: 9. (a) process, (b) may, (c) of, (d) But, (e) call, (f) it, (g) a, (h) mental.

10. Rabindranath Tagore was a man of (a)----------genius. He was (b)----------a poet and a novelist (c)----------a playwright, a composer, a painter and a philosopher. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for (d)----------'Gitanjali' into English. Those translations earned him a great (e)----------in the West. As a humanist, Tagore accused the British(f)----------and pleaded for the (g)----------of India from Britain. Tagore was highly influential in (h)----------the best of Indian culture to the West and Vice-versa.
Answer: 10. (a) versatile/ unparalleled/ great/ extraordinary (b) not only (c) but also (d) translating (e) fame/ identity/ popularity/ reputation/ honour (f) Govt./ colonialism/ imperialism/ rulers (g) independence/ sovereignty/ liberty/ separation (h)advocating/representing/ 

11. Sincerity is the best way of achieving success. One can go a long way if one does anything with sincerity. People who are sincere in their work are (a)----------of making anything success. The great men are also sincere because they (b)----------that sincerity is the (c)----------to success. Those who are not (d)----------can never (e)----------a long way in the world. The poor people are not always sincere because they do to know the (f)----------of sincerity. If they knew it, they would (g)----------a good use of it. Sincerity means not only to do work (h)----------but also with dutifulness, honesty, modesty and good behaviour.
Answer: 11. (a) worthy/ capable/ súre (b) know/ believe (c) key/ way (d) sincere (e) go/ pass (f)value/importance(g) make (h)properly.

12. Beauty is easy to appreciate but difficult to define. If we look around, we will discover beauty in (a)----------objects and sights in nature, in the (b)----------of children, in kindness of strangers. But asked to define, we run into (c)----------.Does beauty have an independent identity? Is it (d)-or relative? Is it dependent on our sense (e)----------? Does it lie in the (f)----------of the beholder? Thus there will arise a number of (g)----------in our mind. However, poets, artists, philosophers and thinkers (h)----------always in search of beauty in their works and arts.
Answer: 12. (a) inanimate/ lifeless/ pleasurable (b) laughter/ naughtiness/ simplicity/ sportiveness/ joy (c) difficulties/ crisis/ confusions/ problems/ hesitations/ distress (d) universal/ common/ absolute (e) perceptions/ of taste/ only (f) eyes/ sense/ sight (g) confusions/ perplexities/ difficulties/hesitations/ questions (h) are/have been.

13. Bangladesh is a land of (a)----------beauty. Its beauty is so captivating that a stranger cannot but be (b)----------looking at this endless variety. Nature has (c)---------- showered its blessings on this country. The rivers, hills and forests are rich in natural (d)----------. The people of this country feel a strong (e)----------for their motherland. They love their motherland from the (f)----------of heart. They work hard to (g)----------its economic condition and to remove poverty. They are the (h)---------- of a beautiful and prosperous Bangladesh.
Answer: 13. (a) natural/ scenic (b) attracted/ spell-bound/ charmed/ surprised/ amazed (c) abundantly/ profusely/ greatly/ endlessly/ already (d) resources/ scenes/ beauty (e). attachment/ love/ attraction/ passion/ affection/ feeling (f) core/ depth (g) improve/ develop/ enrich/ upgrade/ change/ accelerate/ boost up (h) makers/ builders/ architects/contributors.

14. There goes a saying that child is the (a)----------of the man. Today's child is the (b)----------of a nation. He will (c)----------the country. The whole (d)----------depends on their proper (e)----------.It is our fundamental duty to rouse their (f)----------talent. A sound environment is necessary both in the family and society so that a child can (g)----------up physically, mentally and spiritually. Only then it will be (h)----------to build up a beautiful and developed country.
Answer: 14. (a) father (b) leader/ future (c) lead/ rule/ guide/ govern (d) nation/ country/ development(e) guidance/ care/ nuriure/ upbringing (f) latent/ dormant/hidden/innate (g) grow(h) possible.

15. The proper (a)----------of study involves regular and proper understanding. In order to (b)----------the best benefit ·from study, we should read (c)----------and intelligently. We should not study(d)----------for the purpose of(e)----------examinations. We should take genuine (f)----------in our studies so that we can enjoy what we (g)----------.This will give us knowledge and wisdom and (h)----------the horizon of our outlook.
Answer: 15.(a)way(b)get/receive (c) thoroughly (d) only (e) passing (f) interest (g) read (h) widen.

16. Many events of great importance (a)----------during the last century. Significant advances (b)----------in the field of science and technology. Many European colonies gained independence. The movement (c)----------democracy became
(d)----------in many parts of the world. Two world wars (e)----------in the century: It (f)----------witnessed the misuse of atomic energy. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation (g)----------a momentous event. After a bloody war of nine months, Bangladesh was born. Now we (h)----------our heads high as an independent country in the world.
Answer: 16. (a) happened/ occurred (b) were made/ were achieved (c) for/ of (d)momentous/ prominent (e) occurred (f) also/ had (g) was/ had been (h) hold/ can raise.

17. Sports are a popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events are (a)----------from time to time. Most of these events are (b)----------by multinational manufacturing (c)----------and business firms. They pay for the sports events in (d)----------for the right to (e)----------their products during those events. These events are telecast worldwide by satellite and people all over the world watch them (f)----------. As a result, the sponsors' products receive maximum media (g) -. Thus sports help the (h)----------of trade and commerce.
Answer: 17.(a) organized/ arranged (b) sponsored/ patronised (c) companies (d) exchange/ return (e) advertise/publicise .(f) live (g) coverage (h) expansion/promotion.

18. It is a disturbing fact that several species of wild animals in the world are in danger of extinction. The reasons for this are many. But we must blame mainly pollution, the disturbance of the animals' (a)----------environment and man's (b)---------- and thoughtlessness. An increase-in (c)----------has meant more buildings. The need for building materials has destroyed much of the (d)----------that provides a habitat for wild animals. This is having a(e)----------consequence on man and animal alike. We find today that in satisfying man's selfish desires, the (f)----------and the deer in the forests of Bangladesh are under threat. However, we cannot let this (g)----------continue. We must take action to (h)----------our endangered wildlife.
Answer: 18. (a) natural; (b) cruelty/ greed; (c) population; (d) forest; (e) serious/ disastrous/ harmful/ dangerous; (f) tigers; ·(g) situation/plight; (h) protect.

19.UNICEF (a)----------originally for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. But now it is the United Nations Children's Fund which
(b)----------long-term help to children of developing nations. It (c)----------several welfare projects in Bangladesh. It has established numerous maternity and baby care center's around the country to (d)----------the health of babies and child- bearing mothers. It has helped Bangladesh get rid of (e)----------childhood diseases. It has (f)----------training programmes to create rural health workers. Thus, this organisation has been able to (g)----------infant mortality rates in Bangladesh. Above all, in times of natural disasters, it undertakes (h)----------work to help the distressed people.
Answer: 19. (a) stood; (b) gives; (c) runs; (d) ensure; (e) contagious; (f) organised; (g) reduce; (h) humanitarian.

20. Air and water are two important (a)----------of the environment. These elements are (b)----------for life on earth. They are often (c)----------in many ways. Air is polluted by (d)----------and water by different kinds of (e)----------and filth. If we want to live a healthy life, we should (f)----------the pollution of the environment. Total prevention may be(g)----------but we can certainly reduce pollution by raising (h)----------among the people.
Answer: 20. (a) elements; (b) essential; (c) polluted; (d) smoke; (e) waste; (f) prevent; (g) difficult/ impossible;(h) ,awareness.

21. E-mail has brought about a (a)----------in modern communication. Messages can be transmitted from one country to another within (b)----------. It is far cheaper than telephone calls. Trade and commerce has become greatly(c)----------on this speedy mode of communication. It has, (d)----------not reached every one, especially in(e)----------countries like ours, as most people cannot (f)----------to have a personal computer. But here people have started (g)----------commercially operated e-mail for important (h)----------.
Answer: 21. (a) revolution; (b) seconds; (c) dependent; (d) however; (e) developing; (f) afford; (g) using; (h) purposes.

22. All things that make up the environment are (a)----------.The way in which people, animals and plants are related to each other and to their (b)----------is known as (c) ---------. The ecosystem is a (d)----------web that links animals, plants and every other life(e)---------in the biosphere. All these things (f)----------together. The system is in a steady state of (g)----------balance which means that by (h) ----------any one part of the web you can affect all the other parts.
Answer: 22.(a) interrelated; (b) surroundings; (c) ecology; (d) complex; (e) form; (f) hang; (g) dynamic; (h) altering.

23.Man pollutes water, another vital (a)----------of the environment' by dumping (b)---------into it. Farmers (c)----------chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields, some of these chemicals washed away by rain and flood, (d)---------- mixed with water in rivers, canals and porids. Water is also (e)----------by mills and factories when they throw their(f)---------- chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals. Water vehicles also pollute rivers by dumping oil, food waste and human waste (g)----------them. In this way, various (h)----------of waste and filth pollute/contaminate water.
Answer: 23.(a) element; (b) waste; (c) use; (d) get; (e) polluted; (f) poisonous; (g) into; (h) kinds.

24. If we destroy forests and cut (a)----------trees, the effects might eventually (b)----------us all. If forests turn into deserts, what will (c)----------carbon dioxide? Then the weather pattern (d)----------change and the world will become(e).This is (f)----------the greenhouse effect. As a result of this effect the polar ice caps will (g)---------- and this will cause the flood of (h)---------- areas of the globe.
Answer: 24. (a) down; (b) affect; (c) absorb/take in; (d) will; (e) warmer; (f) called; (g) melt;(h) huge.

25. A large number of people (a)---------- English all over the world. Some people use it as a (b)---------- language and some people take it as a (c)---------- language. Many international organizations now depend on English to(d)---------- with offices in different countries. Their advertisements published in different (e)---------- are always in English. They also want people who possess a good (f)---------- knowledge of English. People seeking employment (g)---------- expect to get good jobs without(h)---------- English.
Answer: 25. (a) use/speak; (b) first; (c) second; (d) communicate; (e) newspapers; (f) working; (g) can never/should not/cannot;(h)knowing/learning.

26. Many events of (a)---------- importance took place during the last century. Significant advances were made in the (b)---------- of science and technology. Many European colonies (c)---------- independence. The movement for democracy became (d)---------- in many parts of the world. Two world wars (e) ----------out in this century. It also witnessed the misuse of atomic energy. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an'(f) ---------- nation was a momentous event. After a bloody (g)---------- of nine months, Bangladesh was born. Now we hold our heads (h) ---------- in the community of nations.
Answer: 26.(a) great;(b) field; (c) gained; (d) momentous; (e) broke; (f) independent;(g) war;(h)high.

27. For international communication a common language is (a)---------- .There are many(b)---------- for which English has achieved the (c) ---------- of being that language. Now English has (d)---------- the national borders to (e) ---------- people who speak other languages. It is no longer the (f)---------- possession of British or American or other native speakers, but a language that belongs to (g)---------- people. This phenomenon has led to a (h) ---------- variety of English around the world.
Answer: 27.(a) necessary/essential/required;(b) reasons/causes; (c) position/prestige/status; (d) crossed; (e) reach; (f) only/exclusive/ unique;(g)world/all;(h)great/bewildering.

28. Atom bomb was first (a)---------- on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the World War II. When the first bomb(b) ---------- the world knew for the first time that man(c)---------- at long last been in possession of a force (d) ---------- in all respects. One single bomb(e)---------- the big town Hiroshima (f)---------- another bomb Nagasaki. There had(g) ---------- many children, women and patients not (h)---------- in the problems of the war.
Answer: 28.(a) dropped; (b) blasted/exploded;(c) had; (d) terrible/dreadful/ destructive;(e)-destroyed/ruined;(f) and; (g) been;(h)involved.

29. Sports are a popular form of(a) ----------. Many international (b)---------- events are organised from time to time. Most of those events are (c)----------by multinational manufacturing companies and business firms. They (d)----------for the sports events in exchange for the right to (e) ---------- their products during those events. These events are (f)---------- worldwide by satellite and people all over the world watch them (g)---------- . As a result, the sponsors' products receive maximum media (h)---------- thus giving companies international recognition.
Answer: 29. (a) entertainment, (b) sporting, (c) sponsored,(d) pay,(e) advertise,(f) telecast,(g)live,(h) coverage.

30. Bangladesh is a land of (a)---------- . But, nowadays the rivers are (b)---------- up. So (c)---------- is an urgent necessity for our country now. The rivers carry (d) ----------which makes the land (e)---------- to grow crops. Besides, they supply us plenty of (f)-.During the dry season we (g)----------  river water to the land. We can easily (h)---------- the use 'and utility of the rivers in our life and agriculture.
Answer: 30. (a) rivers, (b)drying, (c) dredging, (d) silt, (e), fertile, (f) water, (g) supply, (h) ensure/increase.
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