Preposition For English 2nd Paper - JSC,SS & HSC- Alim (Practice)

Mofizur Rahman

Preposition For English 2nd Paper - JSC,SS & HSC- Alim (Practice)

English 2nd Paper (Grammar Part)
Preposition/Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions
Exam Preparation With Answer.
JSC-JDC, SSC-Dakhil & HSC-Alim
Preposition For English 2nd Paper - JSC,SS & HSC- Alim (Practice)


Appropriate Preposition

Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions.
1. Truthfulness is the greatest (a)-------- all the virtues which makes a man really great. If we do not cultivate the habit (b) -------- speaking the truth, we cannot command the confidence (c) -------- others. The man whom nobody. believes can never be famous (d) -------- life. It may be that we may succeed once or twice (e) -------- telling a lie, but it never brings (f)-------- a good result. A lie never lies hidden. Today or tomorrow it comes (g) -------- light. Then the real character (h) -------- the liar is revealed and nobody believes him. All hate him and speak ill (i) -------- him (j)-------- his back.
Answer: (a) of. (b) of, (c) of, (d) in, (e) by, (f) about, (g) to, (h) of, (i) of, (j) on.

2. One day some boys were playing (a) -------- a pond. All (b)-------- a sudden, they saw some frogs swimming (c) -------- it. They started throwing stones (d) -------- them. Two or three frogs died.(e) -------- it. One senior frog holding its head (f) -------- said, "Please stop this cruel act (g) -------- yours." The boys said, "We are playing a game. We will not stop." "What is a game (h) -------- you is a cause (i) -------- death (j)-------- us," said the frog.
Answer: (a) beside. (b) of, (c) in, (d) at, (e) for, (f) up, (g) of,(h) to,(i) of (j) for.

3. Love (a)-------- one's country is known as patriotism. Every man should have a great love (b)-------- his country. Many (c) -------- our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives (d)--------1971 (e) -------- the sake (f)-------- our country due (g) -------- this noble virtue. (h) -------- present there are some people who are working relentlessly (i) -------- the sake (j) -------- our country because they love our country.
Answer: (a) for, (b) for, (c) of, (d) in, (e) for, (f) of, (g)to, (h) At, (i) for,(j) of.

4. Mr. Reza works (a) -------- a clerk in a local school. He is poor but honest. His honesty is known (b) -------- everyone in his locality. He often suffers (c) -------- hunger. He is deprived (d) -------- comfort and many other things. Nevertheless, he does not long (e) -------- wealth. He never hankers (f) -------- name and fame. He leads his life (g) -------- honest means. He is satisfied (h)-------- what he has. But sometimes he runs into debt and poverty is responsible (i)-------- this debt. However, he does not like to depend (j) -------- others.
Answer: (a) as (b) to (c) from (d) of (e) for (f) after (g) by (h) with (i) for (j)on.

5. When the sun was setting (a)-------- the treetops, the jailor came (b) -------- the room of Socrates to bid him prepare (c) -------- death. In those days, people were sentenced to death by giving a. cup (d) -------- poison in Athens. Socrates knew this and he nodded (e) -------- the jailor. Bursting (f) -------- tears the jailor went out of the room and returned (g) -------- a cup of hemlock. Socrates lifted the cup to his lips. His pupils tried to keep back their tears but soon the room was filled (h) -------- the sound of weeping. With the cup of poison (i)-------- hand, Socrates said, "What is the strange sound? I have heard that a man should die (j)-------- peace. So be silent and have patience.
Answer: (a) on (b)`in (c) for (d) of (e) to (f) into (g) with (h)up (i) in(j) in.

6. Patriotism, is the quality inherent (a) -------- a man. This is why, he feels a natural attachment(h) his native land. Love (c) -------- motherland is necessary for the betterment of a nation. The people who are patriotic are noted (d) -------- their patriotism. They are different (e) -------- other people. Their contribution does not sink (f) -------- oblivion. They are worthy (g) -------- praise. They lay down. their lives for the good of the country. They are not unaware (h) -------- their status in the society. They are celebrated(i) -------- their patriotism. They should not be looked down (j) -------- in any way.
Answer: (a) of (b) to [c) for (d) for (e) from (f) into (g) of (h) of (i) for (j) upon.

7. Preposition connects all types (a) -------- words together and supports them make better sense (b) -------- the readers. They help us to understand the relationship (c) -------- objects. (d) --example, the book and the table are (e) -------- the kitchen. This ensures you a basic understanding. If we add another preposition, it makes it even clearer. This book is (f)  -------- top of the table (g) -------- the kitchen. We have a clear picture (h) -------- our mind (i) --------the relation of those two objects and their relationship(j) -------- each other.
Answer: (a) of (b) for (c) with (d) for (e) in (f) on (g) in (h) in (i) between (j) with.

8. What are the qualities of a good student? A good student is always attentive (a) -------- his studies. He is never indifferent (b) -------- his studies. He does not learn things (c) -------- note. He is always curious and innovative. He does not hunt only (d) -------- traditional guide books. His thirst (e) -------- knowledge knows no bounds. He does not confine himself (f) -------- the traditional studies. He is aware (g) -------- the current affairs(h) -------- the world. He listens (i) -------- his teachers and abides (j) -------- their advice.
Answer: (a) to (b) to (c) from (d) from (e) of (f) to (g) of (h) in(i) to (j) by.

9. Luna's cat was missing. So she started looking around (a) -------- it. She opened her closet and looked (b) --------. Then she went to the bedroom's crawling (c) -------- the floor to look (d) -------- the bed. The cat was not there. In fact, it was nowhere inside the house. Therefore, Luna decided to go (e) -------- to look for it. Just as she was (f) -------- to open the door, the door bell rang. It was her neighbor, Mrs. Haq, "Look, Luna! Your cat is (g) -------- the sunshade" said Mrs. Haq pointing (h) -------- a 'tall building opposite (i) -------- her house. Luna smiled and thanked her friendly neighbor, saying that (j) -------- her help she would not be able to find out her cat.
Answer: (a) for (b) around (c) on (d) on (e) out (f) about (g) on (h) at (i) to (j) without.

10. The old grey bearded sailor sat (a) -------- a stone (b) -------- the church. The sailor watched the people walking (c) -------- him. The marriage guest listened (d) -------- him. He had a strange mad look (e) -------- his eyes. The old man told him (f) -------- his last journey(g) -------- the sea. They had sailed away (h) -------- the south(i)-------- they arrived (j) --------cold grey seas.
Answer: (a) on (b) beside (c) past (d) to (e) on (f) about (g) on (h) to (i) until (j) in.

11. A craftwork is an applied form (a) -------- art, a social and cultural product reflecting the inclusive nature (b) -------- folk imagination. A craftwork, which usually doesn't bear the signature of its maker. retains a personal touch. When we look (c) -------- a thirty-year old Nakshi Kantha, we wonder (d) --------'its motifs and designs that point (e) -------- the artistic ingenuity and the presence of the maker (f) -------- it. The fact that we don't know her name or any other details (g) -------- her doesn't take anything (h) -------- our appreciation (i) -------- the artist. Indeed, the intimate nature (j) -------- the kantha and the tactile feeling in it generates animate the work and make it very inviting.
Answer: (a) of (b) of (c) at (d) at (e) to (f) of (g) about(h) from(i) about(j) of.

12. Trees are very useful (a) -------- man. They are highly essential (b) -------- our existence. They protect the rich top soil (c) -------- getting washed away (d) -------- rain water and floods. We can see trees being grown along the mountain slopes (e) -------- the road sides (f) -------- the parks and gardens. They add beauty (g) -------- our lives. They provide us (h) -------- food, wood, shade, shelter and so on. They take (i) -------- carbon di-oxide and produce oxygen. So we should take care (j) -------- trees.
Answer: (a) to, (b) for, (c) from. (d) by, (e)by,(f) in,(g) to,(h) with. (i) in, (j) of.

13. The environment plays an important role (a) -------- our life. (b) -------- short, what we have (c) -------- us including people, houses, air, water etc. is called environment. These are the main elements (d) -------- our environment. (e) -------- ensuring sound life the balance (f) -------- the natural elements is very significant. Sometimes (g) -------- lack of knowledge, we don't realise the importance (h) -------- it. As a result, we are polluting our environment unknowingly. Living (i) -------- a polluted environment is undoubtedly a matter (j) --------great regret.
Answer: (a) in (b) In (c) around (d) of (e) For (f) of (g)for (h) of (i) in (j) of

14. Ours is a riverine country. Rivers are everywhere (a) -------- our life, literature, economy and culture. But are the rivers (b) -------- good shape? Unfortunately they are not. A few are already dead and several are going (c) -------- the pangs of death. The river Buriganga is an example.(d) --------; a dying river. A report published in 'The Daily Sun' describes what has happened (e) -------- the river Buriganga and why. Its water is polluted and a perpetual stench fills the air (f) -------- it. The report says that the river had a glorious past. Once it was a tributary (g) -------- the Ganges and flowed (h) -------- the Bay of Bengal (i) -------- the river Dhaleswari. Gradually; it lost its link (j) -------- the Ganges and got the name Buriganga.
Answer: (a) in (b) in (c) through (d) of (e) to (f) around. (g) of (h) into (i) through (j) with

15. It would be impossible (a) -------- us to continue living in this world if each of us knew exactly what fate had (b) -------- store for us. So, Allah in His mercy conceals the future (c) -------- all His creatures, and reveals only the present. He hides from the animals what men know and He hides from men what the angels know. For example, if a lamb had reason (d) -------- a man, it could not gamble happily knowing it was destined to be killed (e) -------- human food. But, being quite ignorant (f) --------  its fate, it is happy to the last minute of its short life contentedly grazing (g) -------- the flowery meadow, and even in its innocence licks the hands (h) -------- the butcher who is about to slaughter it. What a blessing it is that we are ignorant (i) -------- the future. Allah, to Whom the death of a sparrow is of equal importance with the death of a hero, has, in His mercy, thus limited our knowledge so that we might fulfil our duty in the sphere(j) -------- which He has appointed us.
Answer: (a) for (b) in (c) from (d) like (e) for (f) of (g) on e(h) of (i) of (j)for

16. We got our freedom (a) -------- the sacrifice of hundreds and thousands (b) -------- lives. The patriots (c) -------- our land fought (d) -------- the oppression of the West Pakistani rulers. Finally, the oppressors were bound to surrender (e) -------- our freedom fighters. But a great number (f) -------- the sons of the land died (g) -------- the war. Soon (h) -------- the war, the government (i) -------- Bangladesh founded the National Memorial (j) -------- memory of the martyrs.
Answer: (a) at/through (b) of (c) of (d) against (e) to (f) of (g) in (ha) after (i) of (j) in

17. Syed Shamsul Haq, a legendary litterateur, was born in Kurigram (a) -------- 1935. He received the Bangla Academy Award (b) -------- the age of twenty nine. It is noteworthy that he was the youngest (c) -------- all who got the Bangla Academy Award. He was awarded the Swadhinata Padak in 2000 (d) --------his contributions (e) -------- Bangla literature. His literary works are included (f) -------- the curricula of secondary, higher secondary and graduation level (g) -------- Bangladesh. Syed Shamsul Haq was married (h) --------. Anwara Syed Haq who is a member (i) -------- the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London. This renowned intellectual passed away (j) -------- 27 September in 2016 at the age of 81.
Answer: (a) in (b) at (c) of (d) for (e) to (f) in (g) of/ in (h) to(i) of(j) on

18. I caught sight (a)-------- him while crossing the road. I tried to talk (b) -------- him. But he was (c) -------- a hurry. He was one (d) -------- my best friends. Both of us studied (e)----------the same school. I had an intimacy (f) -------- him. Both of us got separated (g) -------- each other after the completion (h) -------- SSC Examination. Though my heart bleeds (i) --------him, I hardly meet (j) -------- him. This is the go of the world.
Answer: (a) of (b) to (c) in (d) of (e) in/ at (f) with (g) from (h) of (i) for (j) with

19. I am glad to receive your letter. You have wanted to know (a) '-------- the picnic that we made. I am now writing (b) -------- you about it. It was winter vacation. 'Our college was closed. I (c) -------- some of my friends arranged the picnic. We selected Sonargaon (d) -------- the picnic spot. It is some twenty miles from Dhaka. We got (e) -------- the bus (f) -------- about 9 am (g) -------- all necessary utensil's and materials. (h) -------- reaching Sonargaon, we finished our breakfast (i) --------about 9:30 am. We did not take any cook (j) --------us.
Answer: (a) about (b) to (c) with (d) for (e) into (f) at (g) with (h) After (i) at (j) with

20.Badal lived (a) -------- a village of Bangladesh. He was a school boy. There was a canal (b) -------- his way(c) school. An old bridge was (d) -------- that canal. It was useful to one and all of the villagers. Yet none cared (e) v-------- its repair. So one day it broke (f) --------and caused a good deal (g) -------- hardship to the villagers. They were (h) -------- difficulty. They could not go to the town (i) -------- the other side of the canal to sell their fruits and vegetables profitably. They sold their products (j) -------- local market at a nominal price.
Answer: (a) in (b) on (c) to (d) over (e) for (f) down (g) of (h) in (i) on(j) in

21. A good stock (a) -------- words is necessary (b) -------- anybody who wants to use a language. Vocabulary is an essential component (c) -------- successful communication. It is an integral part (d) -------- reading skill. While grammar is important, a lack (e) -------- vocabulary may result (f) -------- complete failure to convey message. Vocabulary includes conceptual knowledge (g) -------- words that go well (h) -------- an ordinary dictionary meaning. Students' vocabulary knowledge is a building process that occurs (i)-------- time as they tend to make connections (j) -------- other words.
Answer: (a) of (b) for (c) of (d) of (e) of (f) in (g) of (h) over, (1)in(j)to

22. Once an English and a Bengalese gentleman were travelling (a) -------- the same train and they. were in the same compartment. The Englishman was very proud (b) -------- himself because he was an Englishman. He looked (c) -------- upon the Bengalese gentleman who, however, took no notice (d) -------- it and went to sleep (e) -------- peace. As soon as the Bengalese gentleman was asleep, the Englishman picked (f) -the gentleman's shoes and threw them (g) -------- the window and went to sleep. When the Bengalese gentleman woke up. he looked for his shoes and understood it. Then he took the Englishman's long coat (h) -------- the wall and threw it outside the window and returned (i) -------- bed laughingly. Next morning the Englishman became startled and shouted, 'Where's my coat gone? "Your coat has gone to fetch my shoes," said the gentleman (j) -------- a smile. The Bengalese gentleman was Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee.
Answer: (a) by (b) of (c) down (d) of (e) in (f) up (g) outside(h) from (1) to (j) with

23. A teacher is an architect (a) -------- á nation. He plays an important role (b) -------- building up an educated nation. He dispels the darkness (c) -------- ignorance (d) -------- the lot of a nation. He is an actor, so to speak. He has to suit his act according (e).-------- the need of his audience which is his class. He is a clear speaker (f) -------- good, strong and pleasing voice which is (g) -------- his control. He does not sit motionless (h) -------- his class. Everybody has something valuable (i) -------- him. A good teacher discovers the treasure hidden inside each student. He also wants the students to be happy and for this he keeps them busy. A good teacher never hankers (j) -------- money.
Answer: (a) of (b) in (c) of (d) from (e) to (f)with (g) under (h) before (1) in (j) after

24. A good student is never indifferent (a) -------- his studies. He always adheres (b) -------- his studies. He does not learn things (c) -------- rote. He does not hunt (d) -------- traditional guide books. Moreover he has great thirst (e) --knowledge. For this he does not confine himself (f) -------- the traditional studies. He is always aware (g)- the current affairs (h) -------- the world. He abides.(i)  his teachers' advice and jots (j) -------- their lectures.
Answer: (a) to (b) to (c) by (d) for (e) for(f) to (g) of (h) of (i)by(j)down

25. Flowers are the excellent gift of nature. They have existed (a) --------the earth (b) --------prehistoric time. Since then they have been treated(c) --------the symbol of beauty. 'It is an undeniable fact that flowers are used (d) -------- various spheres (e) -------- our life. It is used mostly (f) -------- decoration. People (g) --------all walks of life use flower usually (h) -------- national occasion and (i) -------- wedding. Everyone prefers flowers (j) -------- expressing their love and devotion.
Answer:  (a) on (b) from/since (c) as (d) in (e) of (f) for (g) from (h) on (1) in (j) for

26. The 'science fair held (a) -------- our college paved a new way for us to gather practical knowledge. Many of our friends took part (b) -------- the fair (c) -------- their projects. We showed genuine interests (d) -------- them. Most of the projects were made (e) --------  consistence (f) -------- the prevailing world situation. They were intended (g) -------- acquaint us (h) -------- the solutions (i) -------- some common problems we are facing specially in regard to the environment we live in. We were sanguine (j) -------- achieving success and we really achieved it.
Answer: (a) in (b) in (c) with (d) in (e) in (f) with (g) to (h) with(1) to(j)about

27. During holidays when my mother went to sleep (a) -------- noon, we went to the railway line. There. along with other children I watched how the trains passed (b) -------- innumerable unknown facts. My father got an appointment (c) -------- a town school and he moved (d) -------- the town immediately with all the members of the family. I was admitted (e) -------- my father's school. I felt that my school fellows had no feeling (f) -------- one another as we had in the village. However, I gradually adjusted myself (g) -------- town life. I am happy with my new friends but my heart aches (h) -------- the happy childhood days. Childhood is free (i) -------- worries and has infinite capacity (j) -------- enjoyment.
Answer: (a) at (b) by (c) at (d) to (e) to/into (f) for (g) to (h) for (i) from(j)for

28. Greenhouse effect is the gradual warmings (a) -------- the air surrounding the earth asa result of heat being trapped (b) -------- environment pollution. This is exemplified (c) -------- the destruction and burning (d) --------of tropical rain forests, (e) -------- traffic that clogs (f) --------city streets, (g)--------the rapid growth of industry, the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) (h) -------- packaging and manufacturing commercial products, the use of detergents like washing (i) -------- liquids and so (j) --------.
Answer: (a) of (b) by (c) by (d) down (e) by (f) up (g) by (h) in (1) up (j) on

29. I was there (a) -------- autumn. I wanted quiet isolation (b) -------- do some troublesome writing. I wanted mountain air(c)-------- blow (d)--------malaria. I was homesick, too, (e)--------the flaming (f)--------maples and(g)--------corn shocks, pumpkins and black walnut trees. I found them all living (h) --------a cabin that belonged (i)--------the orphanage. There I became acquainted (j)-------- a boy named Jerry.
Answer: (a) in, (b) to, (c) to, (d) away, (e) for, (f) of, (g) for, (h) in, (1) 'to, (j) with.

30. Food habits of people differ (a)--------country to country. It happens due (b)--------geographical position, climate and soil. People living (c)--------the tropical countries live 
(d)-------- a lot of fruits and vegetables. Polynesian islands are situated (e)--------the Pacific region. These isolated islands are (f)--------New Zealand. The food habits of these area are different (g)--------ours. People of these islands eat a lot (h)--------taro roots and fruits. These types of foods abound (i)--------these islands. The seas of this area abound (j)--------sea foods and fishes.
Answer: (a) from, (b) to, (c) in, (d) on, (e) in, (f) near, (g). form,(h) of, (i) in, (j) with.

31. The taste of oranges is different (a)--------that of tomatoes. However, there is a great similarity (b)--------them. Ạ lot (c)--------vitamin C contains (d)--------both the fruits. Vitamin C is necessary (e)--------our skin, teeth and hair. However many people think that there is no much nutrition (f)--------tomatoes. Even, many people do not like it. they are fond (g)--------oranges. But according(h)--------food specialists, ripe fresh tomatoes are more nutritious than oranges. There is a number (i)--------important nutrition (j)--------it.
Answer: (a) from, (b) between, (c) of, (d) in, (e) for. (f) in, (g)of, (h) to, (i) of, (j) in.

34. Like many people (a)--------the world, I came to know (b)--------Nelson Mandela (c)--------a distance, when he was imprisoned (d).-------- Robben Island. To so many of us, he was more than just a man. He was a symbol of the struggle (e)--------justice, equality and dignity (f)--------South Africa and around the globe. His sacrifice was so great that it called (g)-------- people everywhere (h)--------do what they could (i)--------behalf (j)--------human progress.
Answer: (a) of, (b) about, (c) from, (d) on, (e) for, (f) in, (g) upon, (h) to, (i) on, (j) of.

32. Obedience to parents is our duty next (a)--------our duty to Allah. It is our sacred duty. Parents love us, think (b) --------us, work (c).-------- us, even sacrifice their live (d) -------- us. It is because (e)--------them that we have had our existence (f)-------- this earth. (g)--------the cost (h)--------comfort and pleasure they have brought(i)--------us. When we fell ill, they got anxious and nursed us (j)--------great care and affection.
Answer: (a) to, (b) about, (c) for, (d) for, (e) of, (f) on, (g) At, (h) of, (i) up, (j) with.

33. Most of the people (a)--------Bangladesh live (b)--------the poverty line and so they cannot be provided (c)--------education. Many children either drop out (d)--------school or simply do not go (e)--------school. Despite this situation, we have far too many students to educate compared (f)--------the number (g)--------institutions available. All of these work (h) - the improvement (i) ------ education (j) --------our country.
Answer: (a) of, (b) below, (c) with, (d) of, (e) to, (f) to, (g) of, (h) against, (i) of, (j) in.

35. You must have come across the name (a)--------Leo Tolstoy, a great writer in world literature. No novelist stands parallel (b)--------'him. All his novels and short stories convey a message. His purpose (c)--------writing was the purification (d)-------- human mind and soul (e)--------all kinds of evils and misjudgments. His heroes suffer (f)--------inner conflict, pass (g)--------ups and downs (h)--------life and struggle (i)--------deprivation caused (j)--------feudal and bourgeois society.
Answer: (a) of, (b) with, (c) of, (d) of, (e) from, (f) from, (g) through, (h) of, (i) against, (j) by.

36. My dear Mimi,
Love (a) -------- you. I am very glad (b)--------know that you have stood first in order (c)-------- merit. I know you would do well (d)-------- the examination as you worked hard. So it is rightly said that industry is the key (e)--------success. Very few students can do well (f)-------- the examination (g)--------dint of merit. it is seen that those who became great (h)--------this world have become so (i)--------hard labour and perseverance. I pray to omnipotent Creator (j)-------- your brilliant result.
Your elder brother
Answer:  (a) to, (b) to, (c) of, (d) in, '(e) to, (f) in, (g) by,(h) in, (i) by, (j) for.

37. Dear Sir,
I shall be grateful (a) --------you if you kindly publish the following article (b)--------your newspaper. "Culture is the mirror and reflection (c)--------life (d)--------a society (e)-------- a country. From the beginning (f)-------- cable TV, the western as well as Indian culture is sweeping (g)-------- our culture. If we fail·(h)-make out people interested (i)-------- our own culture, the cultural invasion is a must. We should make all out efforts (j)-------- improve our cultural heritage and entertainment media, so that we can uphold our heritage."
Yours sincerely,
Answer: (a) to, (b) in, (c) of, (d) ini, (e) of, (f) of,(g)over, (h) to,(i) in,(j) to.

38. Dear Rahim,
Iam very glad (a)--------receive your letter. I hope you are well (b)--------the grace (c)--------Almighty. You will be glad to know that recently we went (d)--------Kuakata (e)--------a picnic. It was autumn vacation. Our madrasah was closed. I with some (f)-------- my friends arranged the picnic. We selected Kuakata (g)--------the picnic spot. We reached there (h)-------- the afternoon and put (i)-------- in a hotel near the sea beach. I had never seen the sea before. So, I had a curiosity (j)-------- see the sea.
Yours ever,
Answer: (a) to, (b) by, (c) of, (d) to, (e) for, (f) of, (g) for, (h) in, (i) up, (j) to.

39. The purpose (a)--------higher education is (b)-------- generate and innovate knowledge, at the same time to build (c)--------a skilled manpower. Autonomy is a must (d)--------the centers (e)-------- higher studies including the universities. But it will be implemented under some set rules. A government monitoring system will be (f)--------place (g)--------monitor whether the allocated fund is being utilized (h)-------- a proper way. At present, many specialists (i)--------specific areas devote their knowledge and research intensively (j)-their specialized areas.
Answer: (a) of, (b) to, (c) up, (d) for, (e) of, (f) in, (g) to, (h) in, (i) of, (j) to.

40. Do you feel the necessity(a)-------- mass education in our country? (b)-------- mass education we mean education (ć)-------- the illiterate mass (d)-------- our country. To make the people responsible citizens and the country purpose and capable (e)-------- maintaining sovereignty, mass education is a must. Mass education aims (f)-------- imparting knowledge (g)-------- letters.(h)-------- the illiterate with a view (i)--------making them conscious and responsible citizens capable (j) -------- i reading, writing and doing simple calculations.
40. ' (a) of, (b) By, (c) for, (d) of, (e) of, (f) at,(g) of, (h) to, (i) to, (j) of.

41. I have received your letter. I am going (a)-------- tell you about the proper use (b)--------time.  Appropriate use (c)-------- time especially before any examination gives us relief (d)-------- heavy pressure (e)-------- studies and makes us confident. (f) -------- between studies, if we enjoy leisure (g)--------sometime, we can get rid(h)-------- monotony. One should remember that a proper balance (i)--------time ensures success (j)-------- one.
Answer: (a) to, (b) of, (c) of, (d) from, (e) of, (f) In, (g)for, (h) of, (i) of, (j) for.

42. Patriotism is a noble virtue. It is an inherent instinct (a)--------human nature. It inspires man (b)-------- shed every drop of blood (c)--------defend the liberty and dignity (d) -------- the country. But patriotism should not be merely a so-called slogan (e)-------- the public meeting (f)-------- fraud the people. It should be cherished (g)-------- the core (h)-------- heart and materialized in our deeds. We should keep ourselves above (i)-------- the fake patriotism. Everybody should bear (j)-------- mind that a pretender must be defeated. Nobody will remember or honour a mock patriot.
Answer: (a) in (b) to (c) to (d) of (e) in (f) to. (g) in (h) of (i) from (j) in.

43. We live in an age (a)-------- science. We can see the influence of sciènce (b)-------- all spheres. Science is a constant companion (c)-------- our daily life. We have made the impossible things possible (d)-------- means of science. The modern civilization is a contribution (e)-------- science. At present we can easily travel (f)-------- one place to another. But (g)-------- ancient time journey was difficult. Man has (h) -------- spend a lot (i) -------- time and money for travelling. But we should remember that science has to be explored for the greater welfare (j)-------- mankind.
Answer: (a) of (b) in (c) of (d) by (e) of (f) from (g) in (h) to(i) of(j) of.

44. Education removes our ignorance and gives us light (a)-knowledge. (b)- respect of imparting education there should be no discrimination (c) - man and woman. Education is one (d)-the basic human rights. If we deprive women (e) - the right (f) - education, almost half (g) - our population will remain (h) - darkness. No development can be brought about without the participation (1) -women. So government is doing everything (j) - educate womenfolk.
Answer: (a) of (b) In (c) between (d) of (e) of (f) of (g) of (h) in (i) of (j) to.

45. Of all the exhibitions, the book fairs are (a) -------- recent origin. They are frequently held (b)-------- towns and cities now. Last year I visited Ekusher Boi Mela (c) -------- Bangla Academy premises. There were a number (d) -------- stalls and thousands (e) -------- books were displayed. It was great opportunity (f) -------- collecting a varied choice (g) -------- books. So many book lovers crowded there. I was tempted (h) -------- a lot (i) -------- books but my purse did not permit me. As a result, I bought a few books and had a lot (j)--------catalogues.
Answer: (a) of (b) in (c) in (d) of (e) of (f) of (g) of (h) by (1) of(j) of.

46. Education is the backbone (a) -------- a nation. No nation can prosper (b) -------- education. Education removes our ignorance and gives us light (c) -------- knowledge. (d) -------- respect of imparting education there should be no discrimination (e) -------- man and woman. Education is one (f) -------- the basic human rights. If we deprive women of the right (g) -------- education, almost half of our population will remain (h) -------- darkness. No development can be brought about (i) -------- our society without the, participation of women. The Government of Bangladesh is doing everything (j) -------- educate women folk.
Answer: (a) of (b) without (c) of (d) In (e) between (f) of (g)of(h) in(i) in(j) to.

47. Inability (a)-------- read and write is illiteracy. It hinders all development efforts (b)-------- the government. The literacy rate (c) -------- Bangladesh is still low. We have to increase this rate (d) -------- entire development of the country. A country's development cannot be thought of keeping the large number(e) -------- people illiterate. Government alone cannot meet this challenge (f) -------- the help of the literate community. It is the social responsibility (g) -------- the literate people to assist the government for the eradication of illiteracy. We must realise that we cannot exist as a nation (h) -------- removing illiteracy (i)-------- the society. So we should be aware (j) -------- this great problem.
Answer: (a) to (b) of (c) of (d) for (e) of (f) without (g) of (h) without (1) from(j) of.

48. English is an international language. As a result the importance (a)-------- English has increased. Different countries have (b) -------- keep mutual communication (c) -------- them. The necessity (d)-------- learning English is very great. Because it helps us (e) - develop a good relationship with other nations. In this modern era (f)-------- communication it is not possible to advance (g) --------it. English becomes the language (h)-------- the whole world. Almost all books in science and technology have been written and translated (i) --------English. One can't think of higher studies (j) -------- the knowledge of English.
Answer: (a) of (b) to (c) among (d) of (e) to (f) of (g) without (h) of (i) into (j) without.

49. A cyclone may occur any time and (a) -------- any place. The violent types (b) -------- cyclone usually hit the tropics. The cyclone (c) -------- Bangladesh generally originates from the Bay (d) -------- Bengal and blows towards the land. It is often accompanied (e)-------- thunders and heavy showers. Before a cyclone commences, unbearable heat is felt (f) -------- a few days. Then suddenly one day the sky becomes terribly dark (g) -------- clouds and strong winds begin (h) -------- blow with flashes (i) -------- lighting and the rumbling (j) -------- thunders. Thus a terrible situation is created.
Answer: (a) at (b) of (c) of (d) of (e) by (f) for (g) with (h) to (1) in (j) of.

50. One (a)-------- the serious problems (b) -------- today's world is pollution. The air of the cities is polluted (c) -------- fume and smoke from motor vehicles, mills and factories. The water (d) -------- seas and lakes is poisoned by industrial wastes, chemicals and other dangerous substances. Forests (e)-------- very wide areas everywhere (f) -------- the world are being cleared and burnt. All these have disastrous effect ,on agriculture, on food supplies and most important of all, 'on climate. Climate has been affected so much that there are often strong heat waves in many countries (g) -------- Europe and in the U.S.A. Many scientists warn that the effects (h) -------- pollution will bring a disaster for mankind in future, Noise is another form (i) -------- pollution which many people are not taking seriously. We have noise coming from all around us. It is also equally harmful because it affects our hearing, our nerves, our ability (j) -------- work efficiently and our general health.
Answer: (a) at (b) of (c) of (d) of (e) by (f) for (g) with (h) to (1) in (j) of.

51. Students should/not separate themselves (a) -------- society. They can serve the society (b) -------- many ways. Their service is (c) -------- great importance (d) -------- society. During vacation they should go (e) -------- their native village. They can educate the illiterate villagers. During a flood they can remove the sufferings (f)-------- the flood affected people (g) -------- raising funds. As they live (h) -------- society, they are social beings. So, they are not separate (i) -------- society. They can play an important role (j),-------- removing illiteracy from the country.
Answer: (a) from(b) in (c) of (d) to (e) to (f) of (g) by (h) in (1) from (j) by.

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