Meeting and gaining Ijazah with the top most saints

Mofizur Rahman

Meeting and gaining Ijazah with the top most saints

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Meeting and gaining Ijazah of Kutub-e-Madina with the top most saints

When Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' attend Madina Munawara then one prominent religious leader, knownable spiritual saint, adoreable Arif Billah Hazrat Sayedi Sheikh Ahmad Ash-Shams al-Maleki al-Kurdi al-Marakeshi 'Kuddisa Sirruhul Aziz' was prevailed in Madina Munawara(25).Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' spent the much quality time with him.

Besides he was Shabih-e-(Unique) Gausul Azam Hazrat Sayed Ali Hossain Ashraf Miah 'Kuddisa Sirruhu', Sajjadanashin- Kashwasa Sharif, India (Zila- Faizabad, UP). Hazrat Sheikh Mahmood al-Maghrebi 'Kuddisa Sirruhul Aziz' (Madina Munawara), Hazrat Mowlana Sheikh Abdul Baki Forengamahalli (28) 'Kuddisa Sirruhu (Madina Munawara), Hazrat Sayedi Abdur Rahman Siraj Makkhi,

Mufti Hanafia Kuddisa Sirruhu (Makkha Mukarrama), Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Ash-Sharif as-Sunnusi al-Tarabalosi(30) Kuddisa Sirruhu (Libeya). From him Kutub-e-Madina achieved the Ijazah and caliphat of sunnusia Tarika. He also availed academic knowledge and spiritual blessing (Fouwj) from Hazrat Allama sayed Mohammad Hashemi 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala',

Hazrat Allama Sheikh Muhaddis Badruddin Hasani Shami Ta'ala', Hazrat Sheikh Abul Khair(33) 'Rahamahullahu 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala', Hazrat Sheikh Sayed Ahmad al-Hariri 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala', Sheikhul Dalaail Hazrat Allama Abdul Hoque Elahabadi Muhajir Makkhi 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala', Ashek-e-Rasool Allama Sheikh (34) 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala',

Hazrat Sheikh Amin Kutubi Noor Saif(35) 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala', Hazrat Sheikh Alovi(36) 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala', Hazrat Sheikh Ash- Shabbagi(37) 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala', and the prominent Sheikh Allama  Yoosuf Bin Ismail Nabahani(38) 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' of Lebanon and Palistanian. He also blessed with achieving uloom and Fouwj from other.

Dignity of Sayedus Showhada

Hazrat Sayedi Zia Uddin Madani 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' one day told to Sheikhut Tarikat Mawlana Golam Qader Ashrafi(40) (Lalamusa, Gujrat, Punjab) that when I at first came to Madina Munawara then I had spent such a time that I was starving or half starving for Seven days. Even I had no money to buy water. Bacause of poverty and pavcity I became weak and tired finally.

At the seventh day a great people with respect came. He had three leather bags. There was ghee in one leather bag, Honey in the second one and wheat flour in the third one. After keeping these things he went to Bazar Saying that I will bring some food materiales more. 

He came back with tea box and Sugar etc early and said that everything is for you cook these and eat these. After saying that he went away. I was thinking in mind that I will percipient this great person in outside and I will know about him out and out. After that I saw coming out of the door that he became invisible.

Mawlana Golam Qader Ashrafi 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' asked Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani Kuddisa Sirruhu that Hazrat!Who was in your thinking? He replied that I thought He was a Sayedus Showhada (leader of martyr) Hazrat Hamja 'Radiallahu Ta'ala unhu', the favourite uncle of great prophet, the lord of both world. Because Madani Presidenci (the spiritual power of Madina Manuwara) was entrusted on him. 

Hazrat Sheikh Allama Yusoof Bin Ismail Nabahani Palistaini 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala wrote in his well known great book 'Jame Karamatil Aowlia' (Urdue, Page-392,Published- Lahore, 1982) about the event of the leader of martyr-

Hazrat Hamja Radiallahu Ta'ala unhu's guestifing and hospitalities that the book “Nataieejul Yirthihal was safare fi Akbare Ahlil Karanil Hadi Ashar” by Hazrat Sayed Zafar Bin Hasan Barjanjee 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala,

Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Bin Mohammad Dimiati al-Maruf Ibnul Gani an-Naba (Death- Madina Munawara, Muharram, 1116 Hijri) deseribed that I bought two camel in the year of famine from Egypt and Wished to perform holy pilgrimage with my mother. After completing Hajj I went to Madina Munawara that two camels had died after reaching Madina Munawara.

The money had to us all finished. Neither we could buy the Camel nor we able to rent any traffic. I presented to the infront of Hazrat Sheikh Shafi Uddin Kashashi 'Rahamatullahe Alihe' having no money to me. I told him everything. After keeping silent for the some time he said that you have to go to Sayeduna Hazrat Hamja Radiallahu Ta'ala Unhu's flamy grave, Who was the uncle of great prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Sallam.

Here read out the Quran as much as possible and after that heard the event from first to last. I performed his command and I presented to the sacred mazar of him at the time of noon I had read out the holy Quran at the Command of Sheikh and said about the own condition. I came back before Zuhar and entered into the masjede Nababi Sharif after completing wadu at Babe Rahmat in wadu place. Then I found the respected mother. When she saw me then started saying that you were searched by one person. I asked her where he was.

She replied that he went to the beside of Harame Nababi 'Sallallahu Aliahe Wa Sallam'.I went to that way, one respected fearable and white beard great person came forward to me.He said to me that welcome, lovely Sheikh Ahmad! I kissed in his hand. He said to me that you have to go to Egypt, I asked him how can I go there? He said that to whom I will say about your rent. After that he went to the tent of Egyption piligramers at Madina Tayeebia along with me. He gave salam to his master after entering one tent. The master stood up.

He kissed his hand and respected him very much. He said to him that you have to take away Sheikh Ahmad and his mother to Egypt. He paid out his rent and said to me that Sheikh Ahmad! You have to come there with your mother and materials. I came back to tent with my mother and materials in the short time.

He ordered me to treat with Camel owner very well in the road. He stood up. I also was walking with him. When we reached at Masjide Nababi Sharif then he begun to say that came inside. I entered into the holy mosque and waited for him. It had come the time of performing prayer after waiting and waiting but I did not see him.

I again came to the owner of the Camel of Egypt. I asked him about his and his place. He begun to say that I did not see him before. Finally with the help of Hazrat Sheikh Shafi Uddin Kashashi I told him everything. He said taht it was the holy soule of Sayeduna Hazrat Hamja Bin Abdul Mutaleb 'Radiallahu Ta'ala Unhu' which was presented physically.

Mirja Shakur Hydrabadi described that once Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' said that the dwellers of Madina Munwara represented about their relatives and helplessness to Sayeduna Hazrat Hamja 'Radiallahu Ta'ala Unhu'. They prayed to him that please, recommended to your beloved Nephew Hazrat prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihe wa Sallam so that he could remove the difficulty by his own blessings or prayer such as Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' described the event of his own family.

I had land and well of a favorite woman. Other people occupied this land illegally. Demand represented toward the Qazi (Judge) in Madina. His answered was that the woman who thought herself a master according to her own idea or perception. She was not a divorce one false written divorce letter was presented from her side in which there were signature of two signatory.

The discussion of this false divorce letter will be reprinted by us. Everyone was doubtful that how could I discuss this divorce letter. Hazrat Kutub-e-Madina Rahamahullahu Ta'ala said that I was going to Madina Manuwara on foot to visit the grave of Hazrat Hamja Radiallahu Ta'ala Unhu.

Near the grave I met with a person. After giving greetings to me he said that oh Sheikh! Please come here to drink tea. I said to him that now I was going tovisit the mazar of Hazrat Sayeduna Hamja Radiallahu Ta'ala Unhu. That's why I could not go with you. He said that it's ok! Come here after come back.

I said, I do not know the address of your house. That person said to me that I will wait here till you come back. As, when I came back after visiting the mazar that person was still standing there. I went with him. When I reached his house then he sat me in one place and entered into a room and bring a small basket from this room.

This basket was full of valuable papers or various data. This person kept this valuable papers infront of me and said Hazrat! Until I prepared tea, at that time you have to look after these papers. These papers were from my father's era. I don't know how to read and write. If there were any important papers then I will keep these otherwise I will burn these all.

I said it's ok. I will look after these for that time. When I at first took the paper this was the description of the daily copy of two attestor which he gave to the court of Judge. And that was the witness which was in the divorce letter. This description was given in that divorce letter on previous date. And in the description this woman was considered as a wife. That's why, according this description the divorce letter was proved false and thus I became winner and successful.

Every year during Ramdanul Mubarak Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani Rahamahullahu Ta'ala presented at the holy grave of Hazrat Sayeduna Hamja Radiattahu Ta'ala Unhu and he used to break his fast there.

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