Light of Madina (Tajalliat-e-Kutub-e-Madinah)

Mofizur Rahman

Light of Madina (Tajalliat-e-Kutub-e-Madinah)
Light & Illumination of Kutub-e- Medina

Birth:-1877 A.D/1294 Hijri
Baiat:- at the age of twenty year.
Coliphate from A'la Hazrat:- 1897 A.D / 1315 Hijri.
Appearance at Madina-e-Tayeeba:- 1909 A.D/1327 Hijri.
Died:-1981 A.D/1401 Hijri.

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Birth of Auspecious

Kutub-e-Madina Ziaul Masaikh Hazrat Allama Sheikh Zia Uddin Ahmad Qaderi, Mohajer-e-Madani, 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' was born in 1294 Hijri in the year 1877 at classwala under district of Shialkut of Pakistan at the home of Sheikh Abdul Azim. His year of birth has comitted from the word “Yaa Gafur”.

Sacred Clan

The gene expression of Sayedi Kutub-e-Madina has amalgamated with Hazrat Sayeduna Abdur Rahman Bin Hazrat Sayeduna Abu Bakr Siddique Radiallahu Ta'ala Anhu. The senior ancestor of his family was Sheikh Kutubuddin Qaderi 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala'. From this senior ancestor Hazrat Mawlana Abdul Hakim Shialkuti, a prominent Alim had died.

Training and education

He received primary education from Hazrat Mawlana Mohammad Hossain Nakashbondi Pashruri Rahmatullahe aliahe' at the place of Shialkut. For different causes he left his own house and went to Lahore. Here he received education on various subjects from Hazrat Mawlana Golam Qader Virobi 'Rahmatullahe alaihi' for one and half year who was a Khatib of Begum Shahi Mosque. After that he came to Delhi from Lahore.

After spending four years in Delhi he went to pelibith to seek knowledge on Hadith from Hazrat Mawlana Osie Ahmad Muhaddis Surati 'Rahmatullah-e-Aliahe'. He recieved religious knowledge from Hazrat Muhaddis Suroti for four years. He achieved final degree of Hadieth after completing Dawra-e-Hadieth. He was worn holy cap with the worthy hand of muhsin-e-millat (The well wisher of the nation) A'la Hazrat Imam Ahmad Reza Khan Fazil-e-Barielovi 'Kuddisa Sirruhu'(Death-1340 Hijri/1921 A.D).

During the academic period in pelibith he had many classmates and students and among them the son of Ameer-e-millat Hazrat pir Sayed Jamaat Ali Shah Muhaddis Alipuri6 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' (Death-1370 Hijri/1951 A.D) namely Mawlana Khadem Hossain Muhaddis Alipuri, Professor Sayed Solaiman Ashraf Bihari, Chairman of Department of Islamic studies of muslim Alighar University and Mawlana Fazle Hoque Rahmani etc. were mentionable.

Falicitation of Kutub-e-Madina by A'la Hazrat

At the time of staying pelibith every thursday along with Mawlana Osi Ahmad Suroti and Mawlana Abdur Rahman Azamghari;(11)he presented at Bariely Sharif to facilitate A'la Hazrat Imam Ahmad Reza Khan, 'Kuddisa Sirruhu'. At night they stayed with A'la Hazrat there. After one day they performed Zuma prayer and came back to pelibith.

This Schedule had continued for three years as they went pelibith to Bariely Sharif and came back from Bariely Sharif to pelibith. Thus he became Satisfied to presented to A'la Hazrat and he recieved a lots of religious education from him. During this golden time he was included to the Halka (group) of the followers of A'la Hazrat.

In 1315 Hijri in the year of 1897 A'la Hazrat Imam Ahmad Reza khan Barielovi 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' blessed with imparting Ijazah and caliphat of Silsila-e-Alia Qaderia to Hazrat Kutub-e-Madina Sheikh Zia Uddin Ahmad Madani, 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala'. Than he was only twenty one years old.

Silsila-e-Aliah Nakashbondia

Hazrat Kutub-e-Madina 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' availed Ijazah and caliphat at Silsila-e-Alia Nakashbondia from Hazrat Mawlana Osi Ahmad Suroti 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala'. Hazrat Mohaddis Suroti gained Ijazah and caliphat from Hazrat Mawlana Shah Fazlur Rahman Ganjmurabadi 'Rahmahullahu Ta'ala'.

The distinguished follower of Hazrat Mohaddis Suroti namely Mawlana Qari Golam Mohiuddin Pelibithi Who performed his duty to impart education and training at the place of Badawani under the district of Nanital in India. He said that among the own desciples and students firstly and lastly he did (took) Baiat to Mowlana Ziauddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala” only. Hazrat Mohaddis Suroti used to say that sometimes one truely murid became osila (Media) of Shafaat to his pir.

Traval to Bagdad and Hijaj

In 1318 Hijri in the year 1900 at the age of twenty four he went to Karachi after departing from his own Sheikuth Tarikath, Imame Ahlas Sunnah, A'la Hazrat Mufti Ahmad Reza Khan Barielovi 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala'. After completing visit to Karachi Shortly he went to Basra (Iraq) to visit Bagdad. Due to deep meditation for four years he turned into the condition of “Majjub” and thus here he spent his life at that condition.

Hazrat Sheikh Sayed Hossain at Hasani al-Kurdi(16),a great Saint of Kurdistan, especially blessed on Hazrat Kutub-e-Madina Zia Uddin Madani “Rahamahullahu Ta'ala”. He hold the hand of Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' when he observed the condition of facination and emotion and brought him to the slum of Kurdistan at Charchakilla.

He was brought to washroom (Hammam) and cut his beard and hair. Here he was taken bath and contemplated him to him with special care. Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala said that there was only one knot and that was became unfasten automically. After that by most kindful Allah he became well and good.

He stayed infront of Hazrat Sayed Hossain 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' almost one and half year At Bagdad Sharif he was introduced auspiously with a number of great saints. He also met with Hazrat Sheikh mostafa al-Qaderi 'Kuddisa Sirruhu'(18) and his able son Hazrat Sheikh Sharfuddin 'RahamahullahuTa'ala' (Gurdian-Khanakai-e-Gowsus Sakalain 'Radiallahu Ta'ala Unhu').

He also gained Ijazah and caliphat at Silsila-e-Qaderia Tarika from the adoreable saints and Bujurghas. He stayed nine years and few months in Bagdad Sharif. When in 1323 Hijri in the year 1906 A'la Hazrat Imam Ahmad Reza Khan Barielovi 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' attended at Haramain Sharifain in order to perform second time holy pilgrimage then at that time Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' stayed at Bagdad Sharif.

A'la Hazrat Kibla 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' sent Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala to Bagdad Sharif to prominet Islamic Scholars to collect introductory speech for the own book “Hussamul Haramain”. At the time of staying in Bagdad Sharif Hujoor Kutub-e-Madina 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' had great interest and devotion to travel the sacred country of Hazrat Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Sallam.

He expressed this interest and earnest desire to Hazrat Sayed Hossain al-Hashemi 'Kuddisa Sirruhu'.He arranged everything for this visiting to this country. He got the permission from Sayed Hossain al-Hashemi and then he left for the sacred Hijaj.

Once upon a time Kutub-e-Madina said that when he travelled from Bagdad Sharif to Madina Manuwara then he was present to care about a half meditative person and infomt of him he prayed that Hazrat! I am interested to visit Madina Manuwara. Please give me some enunciation of advice. That half meditative person said to me that people said to say some advice but they do not implement advices. Is there any benefit to give good advice. I prayed to him that Inshallah I will implement these good advices.

He replied to me that when you will reached at Madina Manuwara you should not perform Namaj (Prayer) in the first line at the holy mosque of prophet 'Sallallahu Ta'ala Alaihe Wa Sallam'. Secondly he said that you should not donate anything at the sacred mosque. Thirdly he said that you should not fratenize much to the dwellers of Madina Manuwara. I knew about the performing of prayer in the first line and that great saint said abstain from to perform prayer in the first line.

That's why I prayed that Hazrat! If you give me permission then I will ask you that is there any mystery in not to performing prayer in the first line? That saint replied that at first people said to give advice. Then they searched for the explanation of advices. After that he own self told that in the first line of performance of prayer, first line belongs to undeducated and illiterate person.

That's why you should not enter to them. After that he said about the donation that to take and give donation or gift in mosque both are ban. In this sacred place all are Fakir and Beggars. Will you tell there that you are a rich by donating or gifting? About the third advice that great person said that Hazrat prophet “Sallallahu Ta'ala Alaihe wa Sallam' ordered to give respect and honor to the dwellers of holy Madina. If you fratenize with them without any hesitation then there will be possibility of arising such talking that by whose that honor and respect will be decreased.

That's you should not fraternize much with them then that's all. You have to behave to them with respect and honor from distant. Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani Rahmahullahu Ta'ala' said in a meeting that Al-Hamdulillah! I have implemented these three good advices. In 1327 Hijri in the year 1910,he went Badgad Sharif to Damscus (Syria) by Rail and reached at Madina Munawara. At that time Madina Munawara was dominated by Turkey. During the ruled of Turkey the religious festival or days celebrated with special of great Importance and ostentutiously.

The government ownly directed and arranged these religious festivals with much devotion and belief. There read out Salah and Salam after Azan. There life was in Safety, hapiness and comfortable. Turki government had always tried to keep the precedent of ancestors safety, but the Sharif Mekkah was poked because of the conspiracy and Shrewdness of the English.

He uprised against the government of Turkey. With the help of the English there hold a war. The Turkish had tried to keep them aloof from the bloodshed of two holy sanctuaries. That's why they did not come to controll this bloodshed war. Despite this a number of muslim were victimised to genocide.

Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' said that at that time Turkish brought the poor clairaudient people of the two holy sanctuaries along with them to save the life of them. Thus I was compelled to leave this place. After that when in 1334 Hijri Sharif Makkah became the protector of Haramain Sharifain then I again come back to Madina Munawara.

Almost eleven to twelve years there prevailed the government of Sharief Makkah. At the time of his ruled there were prevailed peace and regulation. He thought all the duties and works of the two holy sanctuaries of his own. He had controlled the conflicts and division of the belief or creed and caste into a difficult form.

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