JSC, SSC and HSC Most important ‍Story Writing Collection

Mofizur Rahman

JSC/SSC/HSC Most important ‍Story Writing Collection, জে.এস.সি/.এস.এস.সি  এবং এইস.এস.সি/ পরীক্ষার গুরুত্বপূর্ণ স্টোরি

JSC/SSC/HSC Most important ‍Story Writing Collection, জে.এস.সি/.এস.এস.সি  এবং এইস.এস.সি/ পরীক্ষার গুরুত্বপূর্ণ স্টোরি, cowboy, A greedy farmer,

Once a lion was sleeping/The Lion and mouse  

One day a lion was sleeping in its cave. A mouse was playing nearby. Suddenly the mouse got up on the body of the lion. This disturbed the lion. It woke up. The lion caught hold the mouse and was about to kill it. The mouse was trembling in fear. The mouse begged pardon and said that if there was any chance to help the lion it would help. The lion laughed hearing that. But the lion felt pity on it. He set free the mouse. Few days later the lion was caught in a net of a lion-hunter. It tried it best to be free but failed and roared. Hearing the sound of the lion, the mouse rushed to the spot. The mouse cut the net and set the lion free. Thus the mouse helped the lion and both of them escaped from the spot. 

A liar shepherd / Cowboy 

There was a cowboy in a village. He used to tend cows in nearby field beside the forest. The cowboy was a great liar. He enjoyed himself making fun with people. He often cried “wolf, wolf”! Hearing the crying of the boy the villagers came with bamboo, spares and other weapons. When they came, they could not see any wolf. But the boy laughed. He made it several times. The villagers lost their faith upon the boy. One day a wolf really came. This time the boy cried out for help, but none came to help. The wolf killed the boy. Read the following story. It is not complete. Use the clues, complete the story and give it a title. 

A greedy farmer 

There lived a farmer in a village. He grew vegetables and sold them in the market. But the money he got was not enough.  He had a wonderful goose. The goose laid an egg of gold everyday. The farmer was very greedy. He thought that the womb of the goose might be full eggs of gold.  By selling these eggs he began to become richer day by day. But he was very greedy. He wanted to become rich overnight. He became impatient of waiting for the next day. He said to himself, “The stomach of the goose is full of golden eggs. If I cut open the belly of the goose. I shall get all the golden eggs at a time.” He told his plan to his wife. His wife was wise and advised him not to do such a foolish act. But the greedy man did not listen to her words. 

One day his greed increased so much that he could not resist. He took a sharp knife and cut open the belly of the goose. He searched minutely for eggs. But to his sorrow he did not get any golden egg. He became repentant for his foolish act. He lost the goose that laid a golden egg everyday. Than he was poor again. 

Grapes are sour 

One hot day a fox was walking though a field by a bush. He was very hungry and was searching for something to eat. After a long walk he came to a vineyard. The vines in it were laden with fine ripe grapes, which were hanging in bunches from tall poles. The fox thought, “I shall have a good dinner now.” “If I can jump high enough, I shall have a good many of them.” Thinking so, the fox began to jump but could not manage to reach the grapes. He jumped over and over again, but the more he jumped the more he became tired. But he did not have a rest. Being frustrated, he kept looking at the grapes with greedy eyes. After some time he began to jump again but the grapes were out of his reach. When he saw that it was useless to try any longer, he stopped making attempt. As he went away he said to himself, “Grapes are sour and not worth eating.” 

The town of Hamelin 

A long time ago the town of Hamlin was faced with a great problem. It became full of rats. The Rates were so big and so fierce that they fought the dogs, killed the cats and bit the babies in the cradles. They ate up the corn in the granaries. At last the Mayor of the town were informed about the problem by the people. But the Mayor failed to find a definite solution to remove the violent rats. However, there came a pied piper who offered the Mayor to remove the rats in lieu of thousand guiders. The Mayor and his councilors accepted this proposal. The pied piper through his magical blow of pipe took all the rats to nearby the river. When the piper played the pipe , all the rats of the town followed him into river and drowned. After completing his task, the piper demanded his money. But the Mayor refused to pay all the money except only a little amount. The pied piper became very angry and playing different tune .He hallucinated all the children of Hamlin. Like the rats they followed him laughing and dancing. At last the children reached at a certain hill and entered into the den of  it from where they never came back. The pied piper in this way took the revenge on the people of Hamlin.

A foolish dog/crow/A greedy dog  

There had been a greedy dog. One day he stole a piece of meat from a farmer’s kitchen. Taking it in his mouth he started to run away from the place. He was looking for a suitable place to eat the piece. While he was running with it, on the way he had to cross a bridge of a small stream. While walking on the bridge he saw his own reflection in the water below. He thought that it was another dog, which might snatch his piece of meat. So he began to bark. But alas! During barking, his piece of meat fell from his mouth in the stream below and he was disappointed. 

Robert Bruce and the Spider

Robert Bruce was a famous king. His kingdom was invaded by enemies. The king fought bravely but was defeated in the battle. He had to save his life. He fled away from his kingdom and took a shelter in a remote cave. He was thinking about his kingdom. He was only thinking and thinking. At that time he saw that a spider was trying to climb the top of the wall. But it failed again. It failed six times. At the seventh attempt the spider was successful to reach the top of the wall. Robert Bruce noticed this. He thought that it was a great lesson for him, he should not idle away his time. Rather he should try again and again to regain his kingdom. . Inspired by a spider the king decided to attack enemies. This time he made his soldiers strong and attacked them. Finally he could regain his kingdom.

Who will bell the cat

There was a certain cat that was troubling the mice and had killed many of them. All the mice met to talk about this big problem. The mice wanted to get rid of the cat and decided to make a plan. The mice sat and talked for a very long time but could not come to any conclusion. 

An old mouse stood up and said, “I know what we should do! We should tie a bell around the cat’s neck. When the bell tinkles, we will know where the cat is!” All the other mice liked the idea. But one young mouse stood up and asked, “That is a good idea, but may I ask who will bell the cat?” None of the mice wanted to do that. The young mouse then said, “It is easy to sit and have big ideas. But it is never easy to carry them out.”

Bayazid’s devotion to mother

Bayazid was a small boy. His mother was ill. One night he was studying by the side of the bed of his ailing mother. All on a sudden his mother woke up, raised her head and asked her son to gave her a glass of water.  Bayazid went to the kitched to bring water.  But he found that the pitcher in the kitchen was empty. The boy was in a fix. He thought and thought.  Suddenly he remembered a well and it was at the other end of the locality. It was midnight. He left the home with a small pot in his hand. He went to the well and came back with water. But returning home he found his mother in deep sleep. He did not call his mother as it would disturb her sleep. So, he kept sitting beside her bed with the glass of water in hand. It was morning when his mother woke up. She saw her son sitting beside her bed with a glass of water in his hand. She asked, “Why are you sitting here with the glass of water?” Bayazid told her mother the whole incident. Tears rolled down from her cheeks. She kissed on his forehead and said, “My son! Allah might bless you.”

A thirsty crow

It was a very hot day. A crow felt very thirsty and wanted to drink water. It looked for water here and there but in vain. At this moment, it saw a jar. It flew to it and looked inside. But the water was almost at the bottom. It was too low for its beak to reach the bottom. With great difficulty, it succeeded to reach there. He dropped some pebbles in the jar one by one.. Its strength was not enough to remove it. Yet it did not lose heart. The crow strived heart and soul and finally it became successful. It sank its beak into the water of the jar, and drank water and satisfied its thirst.

Two friends and a bear

Once upon a time, two friends were walking through a forest. They entered into a dense forest. Suddenly they saw a bear at a distance. The two friends became very afraid. One friend climbed up a tree. Other friend did not know how to climb a tree. He laid on ground and stopped his breathing. The bear put its head and smelt the man’s body. When the bear went away, another friend got down from the tree. He asked his friend what did the bear say in his ears. In reply, the friend said that the bear told him not to believe a friend who left a friend in danger. The second friend realized his wrong, and ashamed and finally begged pardon.

Slow and steady wins the race

One day a hare met a tortoise on the way. The hare laughed at the tortoise for its slow motion. But the tortoise challenged the hare in a race competition. But the tortoise challenged the hare in a race competition. They decided a destination. Who will first reach the destination will be the winner of the race. They started their race. The hare ran fast but the tortoise ran very slowly. The hare could run a long distance. When he saw that the tortoise was not seen, he thought to sleep for a few time. In the meantime, the tortoise reached to the destination. When the hare woke up, he ran quickly and reached the destination. But there he saw that the tortoise reached earlier. The tortoise than told the hare: “Slow and steady wins the race”.


An honest wood cutter

Once there lived a poor woodcutter. But he was very poor. Everyday he went out to cut wood in the jungle. One day while he was cutting wood beside a river. Suddenly his axe slipped out of his hand and fell into deep water. He was helpless. He was crying and prying for his axe. The God of water herd him crying and took pity on him. He came out of water with an axe made of gold. The woodcutter was honest. He did not take the gold axe. The god of water went in to water and brought another axe made of silver. The woodcutter did accept the silver axe. He was again crying for his own axe. At this time the god of water brought his own axe and gifted him. The gold axe also for his honesty.

A fox without a tail

Once there lived a very clever fox in a very hot country like Bangladesh. One day while walking through a jungle he fell into a trap and lost his tail. Without a tail he looked very strange and he felt ashamed. Then one day the fox called upon all the animals of that forest and advised them to cut off their tail and they walked also looked beautiful. The fox persuaded the other animals and able to convinced them. Then all animals cut off their tail. The clever fox then laughed.

King Midas

Once there was a king called Midas. He was very rich. Rich people are not ever satisfied. They want more and more. They more they have, they more they want. The king was not satisfied. For this, he prayed to God to get more gold. The God granted his prayer.  In that moment his little daughter came to him. The king touched her and she became a solid gold and could not move. The king was very sad to see that. He understood the fact. Then he prayed to God again to return his blessing. The God returned back it. So we came to know that excess of anything very bad.

Unity is strength

Once an old farmer had four sons. They could always quarreled with one another. One day the old farmer called his sons to bring some sticks and tied them in a bundle. He told them to break the bundle. They tried but could not break the bundle of the sticks. Then he told them to untie the bundle and gave a stick to sons and asked them to break it. Then all of them broke the stick easily. The farmer told them that if they would remain separate and quarreled with one another, the enemy would easily defeat them. But if they remained united like the bundle, they would be much stronger and the enemy could not do any harm to them. At this the three sons learnt a great lessons and began to live unitedly and happily.       

There was a pond full of frogs  

There was a pond full of frogs. Some of them often put their heads out of the water and croaked loudly. One day some boys were playing by the side pf the pond. When they hear the frogs croaking, they began to pelt them. Some of the frogs became seriously wounded. But the frogs had no ability to stop them. They requested them again and again but it was of no response. 

The boys enjoyed much for doing this. But the frogs fell in a danger. The boy’s play was similar to danger to them. They requested the boys not to throw the stones any more. They said also your play is just like danger to us. The boys got ashamed and ran away from there. 


Dress cannot make a man great

Shaikh Saadi was a great poet.He used to put on simple dress.Once he took shelter in the house of a nobleman.The nobleman could not recongnise him and treated him as an ordinary manAt that time he had a very simple dress on.The people of the house did not deal well with the poet.Rather they showed disrespect and dishonor to him.The poet left the rich man’s house with utter dismay.A few days later he went there again with a rich dress on.This time he was duly respected and honoured by the people of the rich man’s house.They gave him rich food to eat.The poet did not eat the food but he began to put the food in his pocket.Seeing it the richman was astonished.He asked the poet about his mysterious behavior.Then the poet said,”This food is for my dress but not for me.Had it not been so I would have been treated in the same manner when I was very poorly dressed.”The rich man was really sad for this.He begged forgiveness of the poet.

The cruel housemistress

 A poor girl, named Rina worked in a rich man’s house. The house master was kind to her but the mistress was very cruel. She used to scold her now and then. One while serving tea, Rina broke a cup of tea.On  seeing this, the mistress became angry and beat her rudelessly . At one stag, the girl became senseless.Meanwhile, the master of the family arrived at the home. He, seeing the situation, became shocked. He brought the girl to the nearly hospital. According to the advice of the doctor, she was admitted to the emergency section/department. In the mean time, the mistress reached the emergency ward and apologized to her husband for her misconduct. The mistress also started nursing the girl.

Two rats and a Monkey

One day two cats stole a piece of bread. They failed to divide it in equal parts as both of them wanted the larger part. They fought for that. Lastly, they agreed to put up their problem to the monkey. All the animals of the forest knew him as the wise animal. They went to the monkey and asked him to divide the bread into two equal parts. 

The monkey was very clever. He brought scales to divide the bread into two equal parts. Then he tore the bread into two pieces. He put the pieces of bread on the scales. But one piece was heavier than the other. Then the monkey took a bite from the bigger one to reduce its weight. He intentionally took a bigger bite. Again the other scale became heavier. Then the monkey took a bigger bite on the heavier scale. The monkey did the same thing again and again. At last there remained only one small piece of bread. The cats understood the evil motive of the monkey. Then the cats said, Stop! Divide this piece equally and we shall be glad.” The monkey said, “That can’t be. I must have my share as judge.” So saying, the monkey put the piece of bread in his month and went away joyfully.

Idleness makes a man inactive

Once there was an idle king. He did not like physical labour. As a result he grew bulky and could not move from one place to another. He called in a doctor. The doctor was intelligent and advised the king to eat less and to walk through a long way daily. But the king became very angry with the doctor and ordered his fellows to kill him. In attributing the misbehavior the doctor told the king to do whatever he liked. So, the king was in the previous condition and his idleness made him inactive day to day. His enemies found the king’s weakness and once upon a time they attacked the kingdom and killed idle king and occupied the capital.

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