Final Suggestions for Honours Year 3rd- 2022,Subject: 17th and 18th Century Non-Fictional Prose

Mofizur Rahman

Honours Third Year
Subject: 17th and 18th
Century Non-Fictional Prose
Part-B & C

Final Suggestions for Honours Year 3rd- 2022,Subject: 17th and 18th Century Non-Fictional Prose

Part-B: (Short Question's)

1. How do you justify that an unmarried person is the
best friend, best master; but not always best subject? ★★★

2. How can a man having a family lead a peaceful and
disciplined life?/ Can the family life best contribute to the peaceful life? ★★★

3. Describe Bacon's concept of truth. ★★★

4. Why do people get fascinated to tell lies? ★★★

5. What are the things that should be taken into
consideration while doing plantation in a far-off region? ★★★

6. What are the vices of authority to be avoided
according to Bacon?/

What are the virtues and vices of the great place? *

7. What practical advice does Bacon give to the men in
high post? ★★★

8. "Nuptial love maketh mankind, friendly love
perfecth it, but wanton love corrupth and embaseth it."-- Comment. ★★

9. How does love degrade human being? ★★★

10. What do you know about the education of Joseph
Addison from 'The Spectator's Account of Himself? ★★

11. Write a note on sir Roger De Coverley. ★★★

12. Show your familiarity with the members of
Spectator's Club. ★★★

13. How does Steele portray the character of the
Clergyman? ★★★

14. How did Will Honeycomb entertain women? ★★

15. Describe the importance of Sunday in the life of
the Christians. ★★

16. Write a short note on Addison's wit and humour in
his essays. ★★★

17. What ironies do you find regarding Sir Roger's
religious activities?

18. How did Sir Roger die? ★★★

19. How, according to Johnson, does genius flourish?

20. What are the features of Metaphysical poetry? ★★★

21. Write a short note on 'metaphysical conceits'. *

22. What is your impression about Cowley's Pindarism.★★

23. How did the Bill affect the charter of the East
India Company?/ What are the consequences of the Bill? ★★

24. Write in brief, the nature of English rule in
India. ★★★

25. How is the East India Company charter different
from other charter?

26. What was the East India Company's policy regarding

27. What do you understand by 'Chartered Rights' of
man? ★★★

৩য় বর্ষের যে কোন বিষয়ের নোট পেতে হলে এখানেই ক্লিক করুন

Part-C: (Broad Questions)  

1. Evaluate Francis Bacon as an essayist. **

2. How would you explain the fact that Bacon's essays
never fail to attract readers?/ Would you call Bacon a good adviser? ★★★

3. Bring out the Renaissance elements from Bacon's
essays. ★★★

4. Depict the 18th century social pictures portrayed
in 'Coverley Papers'.

5. Write an essay on Addison's prose style. ★★★

6. Discuss Roger as a fascinating and humorous
character. ★★

7. Comment on Dr. Samuel Johnson as a critic and
biographer with special reference to "The Life of Cowley! ★★★

8. What according Johnson are Cowley's strength and
limitations as a poet? ✰✰✰

9. Write a critical note on the British India
Company./What picture of the East India Company you get from Burke's
'Speech on the East India Bill? ★★★

10. Write a note on Edmund Burke's prose style with
reference to his 'Speech on the East India Bill'. ★★★

11. Comment on Burke's oratory skill and style as
found in his 'Speech.

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