Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama Previous Year Question - 2019

Mofizur Rahman

Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama Question Bank/Previous Year Question - 2019

Previous Year Questions of 2019 Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama/(Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Drama) Full Questions

Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama Previous Year Question - 2019

[According to the Syllabus of 2013-2014]
Subject Code:1172
(Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama)
Time-4 hours                                                                                                                    Full marks-80
[N.B.-The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

Part: A

1. (Answer any ten questions) Marks-1x10=10

(a) Which literary age does Christopher Marlowe belong to?
(b) Who utters the statement 'Fair is foul and foul is fair'?
(c) Who are the legacy hunters in'Volpone'?
(d) What is the original name of the play 'The Duchess of Malfi'?
(e) What was the name of the cardinal historically?
(1) What is Corvino by profession?
(g) Name the sons of King Duncan.
(h) What does the phrase “Achilles' heel” mean?
(i) “But now I die eternally”-Who is the speaker?
(G) Who kills Macbeth?
(k) Why does Mosca suggest suicide?
(1) Why does Portia disguise herself as a lawyer?

Part B
(Answer any five questions)

2. Describe the Helen episode in Doctor Faustus.
3. How does Volpone worship his gold?
4. Describe the scene in which Macbeth was killed?
5. How is 'Volpone' a beast fable?
6. What is Ferdinand's reaction to the Duchess' death?
7. What role does Mephistophiles play in 'Doctor Faustus'?
8. How do the evil-doers get their punishment at the end of “Volpone"?
9. Comment on Lady Macbeth's sleep-walking scene.

Part C
(Answer any five questions)

10. Consider 'Doctor Faustus' as a morality play.
11. Evaluate Macbeth as a tragedy of ambition.
12. Justify 'Volpone' as a beast fable.
13. Why is 'The Duchess of Malfi' called a decadent play?
14. Evaluate 'The Merchant of Venice' as a tragi-comedy.
15. Comment on the dramatic significance of the last scene in 'Doctor Faustus'.
16. How far is Lady Macbeth responsible for the tragic calamity in 'Macbeth'?
17. Sketch the character of Mosca in the play'Volpone'.

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