Paragraph for English 2nd Paper - JSC, SSC & HSC

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Paragraph for English 2nd Paper - JSC, SSC & HSC

Comparison and Contrast Paragraph for English 2nd Paper For Class 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11-12

Paragraph for English 2nd Paper - JSC, SSC & HSC, Comparison and Contrast Paragraph for English 2nd Paper For Class8, 9,10, 11-12, Types of paragraph

Comparison and Contrast Paragraph


Deforestation, the unbridled cutting and burning down of trees, has a serious negative effect on environment. Though the forestlands are cut and burnt for the sake of agriculture and habitat, it has a negative effect on environment. The removal of trees causes the birds and other animals living on them to leave the place. It also causes serious damage to the soil, as trees give protection to soil as well. In the end,the soil gets sediment in the river bed and causes frequent floods, and in this way, the effects of deforestation with no rain or rainlessnes from time to time bring about aisastrous fate for humans. As deforestation helps creating ecological imbalance, famine, drought, flood and so forth natural calamities are. associated with us. It suffices to clarify that almost all sorts of environmental hazards are the outcome of deforestation. To prevent the dire effect of deforestation, we have to try hard to maintain the eco-system in nature by our all out effort and consciousness.


Corruption is the root cause of hindering development of a society. It is a much talked and circulated term in our country. Bribery and corruption are very closely connected terms. Mathematically, it may be said that corruption increases in proportion to bribery. In any sector of Bangladesh, govt or non-govt, corruption has settled down. permanently. Crores of money are missing owing to unbridled corruption. Now, corruption has taken a root in this country. Section and nature wise description of corruption in Bangladesh cannot be given even by the Anti Corruption Commission within a short span of time. Brunt of corruption has already broken out in an epidemic form from the upper to down stair of the society. In the sphere of excessive dymension of corruption, now, we are about to lose the people to whom one can lodge an information ägainst anybody. Despite all these, it is a story of hope that the present govt is trying its best to eradicate corruption from our society.


The state of being ignorant of reading and writing is known as illiteracy. Education is the backbone of a nation. But, it is a matter of great regret that illiteracy exists on a massive scale in our country. Most of the people of our country are illiterate. Especially, the women are deprived of the light of education. An educated man has the good competence to make his child a competent son of the country. Besides, about half of the population of our country is women. So, if they cannot take proper education, our country will never be able to stand as a'proud nation in' the world. Most of the farmers of our country are illiterate. They do not know how to produce a lot of crops in a scientific way. As a result, agricultural output is very small. Removal of illiteracy should get topmost priority and it should be our immediate task. We must be pragmatic in our approach and an 'elaborate programme should be chalked out in this regard. We, the students, can spare some time to educate the unfortunate illiterate persons and take an increasing share in the task of national development.

Price Hike

Price hike means the increase of price of daily goods and commodities. In our country, the event of price hike has become a usual phenomenon now. From food products to many other necessaries are found in exchange of absurd price. In the brunt of price hike, our people, at present, say, that in the market, fire is burning pauselessly. Oil price, electric and gas bill, vehicle rent all these are going out of the reach of common people. Due to the defect of govt mechanism frequent inflation occurs in the country, some hoarders are storing goods illegally, leading figures are going to the dogs for corruption and the result is going towards the price hike. In proportion to inflation, price hike is more acute in our country as there are-lots of dishonest businessmen in our country. They sometimes spray rumors in the air regarding the coming budget of the country and increase the market price. Income of our commoners does not suit the price hike even in the least. So, most people of our land cannot make both ends meet for the rainless market price. For this, price hike should be thwarted to maintain a paralleled phase in nation and society.

Bad Effects of Smoking/Dangers of Smoking

Smoking refers to inhaling smoke produced from burnt tobacco contained in the cigarette. It is admitted by all that smoking is a bad habit. It gives nothing to a smoker but gradually leads him to death. People generally smoke thinking that smoking relieves them of tension. They also think that smoking increases smartness. One becomes addicted to smoking through bad assoclation and out of curiosity. Smoking affects the smoker very dangerously. It causes many fatal diseases in his body. It causes cancer, heart diseases, bronchitis etc. Nicotine of tobacco badly disturbs free circulation of blood through veins. It also hampers the supply of oxygen in the body and damages the lungs of the smoker. Smoking irritates the eyes, offends the nose and unsettles the mind. Smoking causes cough in the old age of the smoker. It diminishes the longevity of life. It is a cause of wastage of money. Young smokers sometimes cause various social evils. Even a non-smoker is. affected by the smoking of a smoker. Every year a lot of people die because of smoking habit. Smoking is'. a cursé on humanity, and so.we must prevent it. With a'view to preventing smoking, people should b made aware of the grave consequences of smoking. Pompous advertisement on smoking should be strictly banned. Above all, we must śave ourselves from this dangerous habit.

Population Problem of Bangladesh

Population problem in Bangladesh is a great problem. Balanced population is a blessing but over-population is a curse. In our country population is multiplying like mice in a'bárn. When the population of a country exceeds. the limit of its employment, it almost becomes a curse. The density of population in 'Bangladesh is the highest in the world. In our country the density of population per square mile is about 1675. guantity of land per head is 0.30 acre only and annual per capita incpme is 370 dollars only. The present growth rate of population is 1.5%. If this alarming growth rate continues, the population of Bangladesh will be double within the next few years.

The impact of over-population in our economic and social life is really dangerous. It creates scarcity of food, clothings, accommodation, health, education etc. The growth of population is a challenge to our nation. It hinders the oyerall development of our nation so badly. It is our bounden responsibility to keep'the population within a moderate range. We should realise the serious consequences of rapid growth of populatiòn and train ourselves to build up an ideal motion. High birth rate must be prevented. Early marriage must be stopped in this regard. The popularity of family planning programme must be increased.

Amusement, recreation and effective educative programmes múst be provided. And finally our united and sincere effort together wi'n the consciousness of the govt. can only balance our population. In fact, our population should be turned into manpower. People should be skilled so that they can be self-employed and self-reliant and thus they can play a vital role in developing our country.

Street Accidents

At present street accidents are regular happenings in Bangladesh. The causes of street accidents are reckless driving, brake failures of vehicles, over-taking tendency of the dinners, driving by unskilled drivers etc. Over loading of vehicles is another reason for accidents. Another reason is violation of traffic rules. Even the police cannot control the traffic rule breakers. They push the small vehicles and cause accidents. Sometimes pedestrians are crashed under the wheels of heavy vehicles. Sometimes the speedy vehicles fall into the roadside ditch or into the river and thus kill the passengers on the spot. Many lives are nipped in the bud. Many a family loses the only earning member. Many people become crippled. Street accidents make many children orphans. Many wives become widows. So street açcident is like a curse in our life. Necessary steps must be taken to prevent street accidents.

The Curse of Dowry

Dowry is a heinous marital system in our society where parents of bride have to give certain money or property to bridegroom for yielding their bride. The main reason of dowry is our social unconsciousness. Bridegroom and concerned parents take dowry and the parents of the brides are the victims of dowry. The poor parents are not able to fulfil the demands of the concerned bridegroom and finally suffer a lot. The system has actually led us to a degenerated and sick society and thrown away our all humane characteristics and moral dignitles. Moreover, since most of our parents are poor, major people of our soclety suffer through a cyclical process. As a conscious person of our society. I vehemently protest against this social vice. The government as well as whole people of our society should take pragmatic steps against this social frailty. Fiŕst of all we have to make our whole population conscious of this social curse.

Acid Throwing

Acid throwing is a heinous crime that degrades humanity into animality. Those who are involved in throwing acid on the face of others are the worst criminals. They must·be ousted from the society. They must be awarded capital punishment. Some people throw acid for various reasons. Someone throws acid being refused by a girl in love proposal. Someone throws acid because of personal enmity. Someone throws acid being jealous as well. But this crime is mostly committed by the unsuccessful lovers. Acid throwing results in grave concequence. The unfortunate victims most often, meet premature death. The victims become deformed and ugly. By enacting law and order and raising public awareness, acid throwing can be prevented. Exemplary punishment and penalty should be given to the criminals. Then the world will be a suitable place of habitation. If not, the world will be dominated by the acid throwers.

Global Warming/ The Impact of Climate Change

Climate refers to the regular pattern of weather conditions of a particular place. Climate of the globe is changing because of global warming. Global Warming is the rise of temperature of the atmosphere results from heat being trapped by, environmental pollution. It is caused by the destruction and burning down of tropical rain forests, by traffic that clogs up city streets, by the rapid growth of industry, the use of CFCs in pácking and manufacturing commercial products, the use of detergents and so on. However, the main culprits for global warming are carbon dioxide gas produced by the burning of fossil fuels and forests, and pollutants such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Global warming becomes acconstant threat to the living beings. It threatens our happy living. Scientists predict that midway through this century, temperatures may have risen by as much as 4c.

This could catastrophically reduce mankind's ability to grow food, destroy or severely damage wildlife and wilderness, raise sea levels and thereby flood coastal areas and farmland. The alarming news about Bangladesh is that as a result of the rise of the sea level, the lower southèrn part of the country may one day go under water. So it is necessary to do something better for preventing global warming. For this reason, we should preserve our environmental balance.

A Hartal Day

Hartal is generally called a sign of protest against any religious, social or special political issue in the country. During hartal days. the organizers hold protest meeting, rally etc. Vehicles remain off the road. Sometimes agitated people ransack the offices shops and various organizations and also the vehicles and other transports during hartal days. People have to suffer much on a hartal day. They can't go to the offices. They cannot go to market. The business men have to courit heavy loss for hartal. After al1, the economic condition of the country breaks down for hartal. So, a hartal day appears as a curse to our nation. That's why, we should give up this type of political practice.


Employment means providing job facilities to the people. In our country 74% of our working people serve in agriculture and the rest in non-agricultural sectors. Educated people get their employment in government sectors. Due to the population growth our government cannot provide job facilities to all. As a result, a lot of people remain unemployed for years together. Self-employment can be a useful alternative to solve this great problem. It means that people themselves can engage in economic activities. An unemployed person can set to manage self-employment by setting up small and cottage industries with the financial assistance of our banks and N. G. O. They can also set up dairy farm, poultry farm, weaving factory, pisciculture, garments industry and create fields of self-employment. So one should not waste one's valuable time' seeking jobs rather he should engage himself in self employment, which is very prestigious and honorable.


Globalization has become a buzzword in the new era of international relations. Basically, it is a process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world by creating a borderless market. But it has a far reaching effect on many aspects of life. With the development of hi-tech communication media and rapid transportation facilities, the world has come closer. We can now learn in an instant what is happening in the farthest corner of the world and travel to any country in the shortest possible time. Countries of the world are like families in a village. They can even share their joys and sorrows like next door neighbour's. If one country is in distress, others can immediately come with its assistance.

But globalization is creating more opportunities for capitalist countries rather than the poor ones. In the name of aid and assistance, the industrially developed capitalist countries are exploiting the cheap labor available in poorer countries. The global strategy of development promises greater employment opportunities to the people of poor countries but at the same time it also promises high returns to capital. The exploited and poor workers of the developing countries are no match for a globalizing powerful capitalism. As a result, the gap between wealth and poverty is ever widening. The Rich countries should come forward to remove these difficulties.

But the rich countries will never allow this to happen. Therefore, it is clear to us that globalization is not wholly beneficial to the poor and developing countries.


Eve teasing means harassing women. It is a heinous act. Young girls are the common victims or the main targets of this heinous act. Young boys who have gone to the dogs are the common eve teasers. They get fun out of eve teasing. They say something objectionable about our girls, pull their cloths, push them back. Even they do not feel hesitant to harass girls sexually. Sometimes girls are physically assaulted by the eve teasers. There are some causes of eve teasing. Carelessness of guardians towards their issues, want of strictness of parents, influence of western culture and custom, looseness of character, want of social awareness and strict law and order are some of the causes of eve teasing.

The effects of eve teasing are very dangerous and dreadful. The victims stop going'outside, especially to academic centres. They lead a life of seclusion (S어). Even being victimised by eve teasing they do not feel hesitant to commit suicide. Isn't it the failure of our society to protect girls from committing suicide? I really hate the eve teasers. The law enforcing agencies should be made alert to prevent eve teasers with iron hands. Moreover, social awareness among people of all classes should be raised to stop eve teasing.


Earthquake is one of the most common natural calamities on earth. It is an abrupt and violent tremor of the earths surface. It occurs for various reasons. It is mainly caused by deep crack in the earth or by volcanic eruption. When the nearby volcanoes emit lava, there occurs a severe shaking causing an earthquake. Moreover, if there is any fault line (5fo(I) in a geographical area, there has a great chance of occurring earthquakes in that area. In some cases, earthquake occurs because some gases try to come out from the depth of the earth. Bangladesh lies in the active earthquake zone. Here earthquake occurs very frequently.

But our people are not widely aware of the gravity of its loss. Because of the frequent occurrence of earth quake in our country experts are giving more attention to it in recent times, If any major earthquake occurs in Bangladèsh,most of the buildings in móst of the cities will be destroyed as they are not built in accordance with an earthquake resistant standard. A group of experts ópifie that the recurrence of quakes inrecent years should be taken as a signal for a major earthquake. Another group of experts believe that the concern should not be amplified, because although there are a number of fault lines in the geographical area comprising Bangladesh, none of them is açtive enough to pose a major threat.

Yet none of the groups of experts rules out the possibility of a major quake and the dangers that might be associated with it. So, in order to protect us from such an impending danger, we must be conscious about the causes and results of earthquake.

We should ņot build houses without the advice of experts só that they can survive in the event of an earthquake. Above all, the government should develop earthquake resistant building code that all buildings should follow as mandatory. Thus the losses caused by earthquake can be reduced to some extent.

Impact of Globalization on Our Culture

Globalization is a process that involves free and unrestricted interactions among the nations of the world largely as a result of deregulation and improved communication and media channels. The fear that globalization will affect our culture adversely by exposing it to foreign, and in many cases unwholesome influences is not quite justified. It may very well be the other way round, or more precisely, the process of globalization can bring before the whole world the genuineness, the natural simplicity and the element of humanity that are the fundamental features of our culture. The artificiality and the emptiness of many other foreign cultures can stand exposed in that case. At the same time, however, globalization can enable us to benefit from the advanced and refined cultures of other nations of the world.

Necessity of Maintaining Ecological Balance

The environment refers to the air, water and land in which people, animals and plants live. So human beings. animals, plants, air, water and soil are the main elements of the environment. The natural forces such as storms, cyclones and earthquakes are also a part of this environment. All things that make up the environment are interrelated. The way in which people, animals and plants are related to one another and to their surroundings is known as ecology. The ecosystem is a complex web that links animals, plants and very other life form in the biosphere.

All these things hang together. The system is in a steady state of dynamic balance which means that by altering any one part of the web one can affect all the other parts. For example, the destruction of forests may have serious ecological consequences on humans and animals. It is the responsibility of human beings to prevent the environment from being spoilt. To make life healthy and comfortable we should keep the environment clean and danger-free. Besides, we should check the cause of greenhouse effect and plant more and more trees.

Gender Equality

Gender equality does not imply that women and men are the same, but that they have equal value. According to The United Nations gender equality is a human right. Gender equity is important not only for women, but also for society as a whole. Gender discrimination mostly prevails in the rural areas of Bangladesh where the people are illiterate, poor and helpless.

In Bangladesh, men basically dominate the society and make decision in the family matters. Girls are not sent to school. Instead, they are married off before they could surpass their teen. To bring in gender equality, we all should come forward to make the people aware of the equal status of the women.

Especially, female education, mass awareness, avoiding social dogmas are very important to get rid of this social stigma.

Child Labour

According to international law, if a child works before attaining 16 years of age, it is said to be child labor. They are engaged in dangerous and harmful work in tanneries, garment factories, motor workshops, ship breaking industries, etc. The work is so dangerous that most of them suffer from deadly diseases, become handicapped and even face premature death.

Poor parents encourage their children to work for earning money, Otherwise, they cannot survive with basic requirements of food, clothing, shelter, etc. Yet children should be saved from unhealthy atmosphere. They should be given education. The children should be given money or food by the govèrnment to attract them to school. It will solve the economic problem of the parents and they will encourage their children to go to school. Therefore, the ban on child labour should be strictly imposed.

Addiction to Facebook

Facebook is one of the greatest inventions of modern civilization. It is the most popular social networking site. Using Facebook has become a part of daily routine of many peoples lives. Modern communities cannot think of their modern life without this social media.  Social media like Facebook has made the communication of today's people easier. It is a source of entertainment. By spending too much time in Facebook people are becoming addicted to it. Thus it hampers their academic life. Overuse of Facebook causes mental stress, frustration and many physical problems. Experts suggest that by giving time to family and friends and engaging in social work one can avoid the addiction co Facebook.

Modern Technology and Globalization

Globalization is a process of expanding relations, communication, trade and commerce all over the world. Through this, people of the world build up a mutual understanding, exchange views, share information, make co-operation and friendship. Since lazt two! three decades globalization has experienced a tremendous advancement in every sphere of life due to the frequent uses of technology. And technology acts as a catalyst in the process of globalization. Technology based globalization ensures a digital society based on ICT Information and Communication Technology knowledge, where information will be readily available on line and all possible tasks of world trade and communication will be processed using modern technology.

In fact, the development of technology and the development of globalization are going hand in hand. Now we all believe in establishing technology driven governance, e-commerce, e-production,
e-agriculture, e-health, etc. throughout the world. The process of globalization requires a common medium of communication. And it is through internet that all sorts of information related to trade and business, bilateral relation are exchanged in no time. In education, business trade and commerce, it is playing an important role all over the world.

Bangladesh is a developing country. Here the number of internet users is very few. But nowadays, internet is being used in bank, insurance companyand commercial centers, etc. Now through e-commerce, people can purchase their desired products without going to the market. Thus technology is playing a massive role in developing Bangladesh through globalization.

Town Life and Village Life

'Man made the town and God made the country' is an old saying. There were verities different in village life and town life. Firstly, town life is a luxurious whereas village life is simple. Secondly, town life is a busy, competitive and noisy life. Buses, trucks, cars and other vehicles always ply and the. industries make sound.

On the contrary, village life if quite and peaceful. There is no rush and hurry in the villages. Thirdly, there are air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution in the town. But the village life is free from all these kinds of pollution. Fourthly, town life offers greater modern facilities of life. In the town, schools, madrasahs and college offer better standard of education.

They maintain better staff and better equipment. There are universities, engineering and medical čolleges in towns. There are opportunities for' trade, commerce ånd business. The people of town get more facilities of proper medical treatment. On the other hand, village life is deprived of all these facilities. Fifthly, town life offers scope for employment to all sorts of people. On the contrary, there is no scope of employment facilities in the village. So the standard of life is very lower in a village. So it is called that there is no similarity between town life and village life.

Private and Public University

Education is the backbone of a nation. We get education from two streams; one public, the other private. The public universities are open to all. But one has to face hard competition for a Seat. Not all the students can be fit to manage a seat there. On the other hand, one can easily be ft in a private university by dint of money. The private universities are meant for the moneyed persons. The private universities are becoming popular day by day. It is because public universities have to face a number of problems. Students' politics plays a vital role in deteriorating the academic environment in the public universities. As a result, students have to face session jam. So, in order to get some extra facilities, the moneyed students are easily impressed by the alluring advertisements of the private universities. In fact, the two sectors are playing important role to make the nation highly educated.

Technical Education and General Education

Education is the backbone of a nation. Education enlightens a person. General education usually makes highly educated. But this type of education often fails to establish a man in his life. Because general education does not make a person specialized. As a result, a number of highly educated persons remain unemployed the other hand, a man who has technical education, can somehow manage a job or may be self-reliant country like Bangladesh needs devoted workers, which only technical education may provide. We should in mind that there is no alternative to production. And this production is possible on the part of thè, persons. A skilled worker is preferable to a highly educated unemployed person. Both types of education welcome so long as education and knowledge are concerned.

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