Going to after World - Tajalliat e Kutub e Madina

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Going to after World - Tajalliat e Kutub e Madina

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Going to after World (Tajalliat-e-Kutub-e-Madina) which sahabi first migrated to madina prophet muhammad migration to medina

Going to after World

Before the two month of death Hazrat Sayedi Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' described a lots of experienced and wonderous events. What he said could hardly be understood. Sometimes he beckoned and said again and again that, please come, My Hozoor Kibla came here he also said sometime that our lords, our masters(Sheikhs) came to me. Give a place for them.

Left a place for them. Sat them. This way scandral to me. There were presented Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qader Zilane 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' and other all Masayakhes. Hazrat Khijir 'Alaihis Salam also presented here. Arranged the seats for them. After that he also said that Hazrat! thought me unable. I could not stand with the honor of you because of my illness and weakness.

The last days of life of him he was taken to the hospital of Madina Munawara. Here he also arranged milad ceremony with the great importance mantuining general rules. The  employees of the hospital witness that as much as he stayed in the hospital he called by saings “Ash-Shalatu Was-Salamu Alaika Yaa Rasoolallah” with the loud voice.

He was attacked with severe disease before the days of his death. He was aloof from the eating and talking in 3, Zilhaj at night his physical condition was good a little and talked for sometimes. All the night he spent pleasently. In 4 Zilhaj,1401 Hijri/20 October, 1981 A.D. his condition was same in the morning. At first he was not agree to drink milk when he was told to drink milk. But the friends of him mixed honey with milk and said that Recite Darud on Habibullah and drink milk.

Hearing this talking Hazrat Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' moved his lips for the sometimes. Almost 12 am the Khatib of Darbar-e-Zilania Hazrat Gawusus Shakaline miran Mohiuddin sayed Abdul Qader Zilani 'Rahamahullahu  Ta'ala', Sheikh Sabih Damat Barkatuhumul Alia came to him. He was the last person to meet with Hazrat.

After sometime Muazzin called for Azan and said Allahu Akbar and after reading Kalma Sharif Hazrat Madani Kuddisa Sirruhu went away to the near of his own favourite friend. Inna lillahe wa inna eliahe razewon. The news of his death scattered everywhere rapidley in Madina Munawara, Pak-India and to the muslims of other countries. The people who came at first to perform Hajj bathed him after saying Ashar Prayer. The person who took part in bathing of him among them the suitable son of Hazrat Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala',

Mawlana Fazlur Rahman Madani Madda Zillahul Ali”, the Khadem of Hazrat Abul Kasem Myoman Muhajire Madani and Qari Musleh Uddin Siddiqui (Karachi), Mawlana Raihan Reza Berialovi, Mufti Muhammad Nurullah Basirpuri Allama Arshadul Qaderi (Athens), Janab Hanif Bhai, Abdul Qawum, Iqbal Solaiman, Iqbal Sufi, Dr. Ashek Foijobi, Sayed Kasem and other great persons were mentionable.

After that intimate people of Halkaiee Qaderia at Madina Munawara and other friends weared him shroud cloth. Under his head there were sacred soil of Hujra Sharif of great prophet sallallahu alaihe wa Sallam, part of Gilaf of Rawja Sharif of great prophet, used water of holy Kaba, part of Gilaf of holy mazar of Hazrat Gawsul Azam 'Kuddisa Sirruhu' and other perfuim and flower spreading on him.

After that the fastening of coffin Sharif had completed. After the prayer of Asar his funeral ritual had completed throug the reciting of Darood and Salam and Qasida-e-Burdah Sharif. He was entered into the prophets holy mosque, gate of Rahmat. His dead body had also been kept at Mimbor Sharif in Mihrab-e-Nabbi Sallallahu alaihe wa Sallam.

His death prayer meeting had presided over by suitable Khatib Fajelatus Sheikh Allama Mufti Muhammad Ali Murad Shami Damat Barkatuhumul Alia who got permission from Hazrat Zia Uddin Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala'. In front of his dead body and coffin there prevailed a sight of unprecedented stir condition at that time.

In that condition his dead prayer had completed throug the holy foot of Hazrat Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Sallam. In the heavy crowded of the mourned frustrated people his dead praying had brought out through Babe Zibrail. The pressure and crowd was so heavy that a lot of people full into the soil from Babe Omar.

عاشق کا جنازہ ہے ذراد ہوم سے نکلے
Meaning: The dead body of lover pulling out with fan fare.

The Kalma-e-Tayeba had been recited with loud voice. A lot of people recited Qassida-e-Burdah Sharif of Imam Butchairi 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala'. Again a lot of people recited “Mustafa Jane Rahmat Pay Lakho Salam” produced by A'la Hazrat Fazile Barialovi 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala'. And a lot of people reciting the famous Naath “Kaba Ke Badrudduza thum Pay Croru Darood" of Ala Hazrat.

Mawlana Fajlur Rahman Madani Maddha Zillahul Ali entered into the Jannatul Baki with other companions along with his dead body. Mawlana Fajlur Rahman ownself put down the dead body of Hazrat Madani Kuddisa Sirruhu in the grave. His followers helped him in this effort. Every bricks had put in the grave reciting the Darood Sharif. After completing burying one of the Khadem of Hazrat performed Azan standing in front of the grave. In the Janaja prayer there were the perticipators from the country Indonesia, Algeria, Turkey, Egypt, Syria,

Madina Munawra, India, Pakistan, Iland of Arab and Islamic Scholars from non-Arabic countries, Alim, Fazil and knowledgeable person from a walks of life.

In the second day after burying after completing the milad Mahfil at the house of Hazrat Madani Kuddisa Sirruhu Shahebjada Mawlana Fajlur Rahman al-Qaderi Maddha Zillahul Ali completed the programme of Dastharbondi with the present of all Islamic Scholars. Hazrat Allama Sheikh Muhammad Ali Murad Hanafi Shami Madda Zillahul Ali and Mawlana Raihan Reza Khan (Barialovi Sharif) did him dastharbondi.

In the third day the programme of praetorium had completed. In this programme all typification from Madina Tayeba Ahlas Sunnah were presented. After that for few days government high officials and rulers from Soudi Arab and Madina Munawara also joined this programme to express sorrow and to pay tribute to him.

According to his final will he was burried in Jannatul Baki at the grave yard of holy family which was his final destination which is the mazar of Sayedatun Nisa Fatimatuj Zohara Radiallahu Ta'ala Anha and which is situated only two yard from her holy grave. It was a high place from which green tomb could be seen.

Kutub-e-Madina Hazrat Allama Zia Uddin Ahmad Muhajir-e-Madani Kuddisa Sirruhu stayed at Madina Munawara permanently for seventy five years. Following the path of Hazrat Imam Malek 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' according to his final wish here he spent his life in such a way that his grave had been granted in the holy soil of Jannatul Baki. Finally his dream came true.

خاک طیبہ کی طلب میں خاک ہو یہ زندگی
خاک طیبہ اچھی ، اپنی زندگی اچھی نہیں ۔

Meaning: The life had been finished in this sacred soil ofMadina. The soil ofMadina is best. The life is not best.

Hazrat Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' said that I came with honor and respect and I will leave with honor and respect. Every day after the Isha prayer there were arranged Milad Mahfil in his area. In this Milad ceremony there were the recitation of Kalam especially of A'la Hazrat Imam Ahmad Reza Khan Barielovi Kuddisa Sirruhu.

There were prevailed a wonderful increadible feelings and happiness where there were the recitation “Unki mehek ne dil ki guncha khela dia hey”from the heart of Naath reader. Alhamdu lillahe!The programme became gorgeous extraordinarily as much as the presence of the establishment of his lodge beside the Babe Majidia under Shadow of green tomb And this programme was patronize by suitable filtest fortunate Mawlana Fajlur Rahman Madani, who is the son of Hazrat Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala'.

After the programe and performing Dua prayer, Tabaruk were distributed among the presented people Salah and Salam were performed here by sitting.

The last verse was that-

یعنی وہ اعلی حضرت بریلی کے شاہ 
جن کی باب مجیدی مین چپکی ضیا 
ایسی پیر طریقت پہ لا کہوں سلام

Meaning: The lakhu salam will prevail on that great pir (saint) namely the king of Barialy A'la Hazrat and the Bab-e-Majidi became illuminated by his light.

The first holy urus of Hazrat Allama Zia Uddin Ahmad Madani 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala' was held in 22 September, 1982 at Daniabale, the cormer of grave of Hazrat Sayeduna Hamja 'Rahamahullahu Ta'ala unhu which siutated in the holy uhud hil.

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