Honours 4th Year Final Suggestion 2023 | Department of English | All Subject

Mofizur Rahman

Honours 4th Year Final Suggestion 2023 | Department of English | All Subject

Honours 4th Year Final Suggestion-2021 (Held in 2023)
Department of English
Common Percentage in Examination- 90 to 95
Part: C (Broad Questions)
Honours 4th Year Final Suggestion 2022 | Department of English | All Subject Honours 4th Year Final Suggestion-2021 (Held in 2022) Department of English Common Percentage in Examination- 90 to 95 Part: C (Broad Questions)

Subject: 19th Century Novel

Most Important Broad Q. No: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9

1. Love and Marriage in Pride and Prejudice
2. Sketch the character of Elizabeth Bennet 
3. Social & Economical Realities in Pride and Prejudice
4. Love and War in a Tale of Two Cities
5. Underlying theme of A Tale of Two Cities
6. Theme of resurrection in A Tale of Two Cities
7. A Tale of Two Cities as a historical novel
8. Sketch the character of Jane Eyre N 
9. Jane Eyre as an anti-romantic novel 
10. Jane Eyre as an unconventional novel
11. Role of fate and chance in Tess of the D'Urbervilles
12. Influence of Alec and Angel on Tess' life


Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austin:

  1. What is Jane Austen's attitude towards love and marriage?
  2. Sketch the character of Elizabeth.
  3. Discuss how Jane Austin reflects the social and economic reality of her age in pride and prejudice.

A Tale of Two cities By Charles Dickens

  1. How does Dickens Correlate love and war in his novel A Tale of Two Cities.
  2. Would you call Dickens A Tale of Two Cities a historical novel. Give reasons for your answer.
  3. Examine the theme of resurrection as depicted in A Tale of Two cities.
  4. Compare and contrast Charles Darnay and Sydney carton in a Tale of Two cities.

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

  1. Sketch the character of Jane Eyre.
  2. In what sense is Jane Eyre an unconventional novel? Discuss.
  3. What was the condition of women as reflected in the novel Jane Eyre.
  4. Give a pen picture of Charlotte's treatment of childhood in Jane Eyre.
  5. Justify Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre as an anti-romantic novel.

Tess of the D'urbervilles By Thomas Hardy

  1. Discuss the influence of Alec and Angel on the life of Tess.
  2. Write an essay on the role of fate and chance in Tess of the D'urber.
  3. Hardy's pessimistic view is evident in Tess of the D'urbervilles. Discuss.

Subject: 20th Century poetry

W.B Yeats

  1. Trace the romantic elements do you find in W.B Yeats poetry.
  2. Evaluate W.B Yeats as an Irish nationalist poet.
  3. What personal elements do you find in W.B Yeats poet.
  4. Write a critical appreciation of the poem "The second coming".

TS Eliot

  1. How does T.S Eliot make a link between the past and present in "The waste Land"?
  2. Write a note on the theme of salvation in the poem "The waste land".
  3. How does TS Eliot express the conflict of modern man in the poem "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock"?
  4. What are the symbols used by the poet in "The waste land". or Comment on the use of myths in "The waste land".
  5. How does T.S Eliot build up an atmosphere of futility and barrenness in "The love song of John Alfred prufrock"?

Dylan Thomas

  1. Discuss Dylan Thomas use of imagery in "Poem in October"
  2. Mention and Discuss the religious elements in Dylan Thomas poems.
  3. Critically appreciate the poem "poem in October".

Sylvia Plath

  1. How does Sylvia Plath present motherhood in her poem "Morning song"
  2. Write a critical appreciation of the poem "The Rival".
  3. Discuss the use of myths and imagery in the poems of Sylvia Plath.
  4. Comment on poetic technique of Sylvia plath
  5. Comment on the male-female relationship in Sylvia Plath's poetry.
  6. Write a critical appreciation of the poem "Morning song"

Subject: Modern Drama

Importance of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde

  1. To what extent is The Importance of Being Earnest a picture of the contemporary upper class society.
  2. How is the mystery of the identity of Jack Worthing revealed at the end of The Importance of Being Earnest.
  3. Evaluate Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" as a social satire.
  4. Assess the role of Jack Worthing in the play "The Importance of Being Earnest".

Waiting for Godot By Samuel Beckett

  1. Estragon and Vladimir Waiting for Godot is everybody's waiting for something unattainable. Discuss.
  2. Consider Waiting for Godot as an absurd Drama.
  3. What does Waiting signify in Beckett's "Waiting for Godot"?

The Caretaker By Harold Pinter

  1. Justify the title of The Caretaker.
  2. How is harmonious relationship between Mick and Aston affected by the outsider Davies? Discuss.
  3. How far is "The Caretaker" an absurd drama? Illustrate.
  4. How does "The Caretaker" represent contemporary society?
  5. How far is Harold Pinter's play "The Caretaker"a drama of violence and menace?

Look Back in Anger By John Osborne

  1. In what sense is Jimmy Porter an unheroic hero? Elucidate.
  2. In what way the bear and squirrel game contribute to the dramatic interest of Look Back in Anger?
  3. Trace the autobiographical elements in Look Back in Anger.
  4. The ending of the play Look Back in Anger has been considered unsatisfactory. Do you agree?

Subject: 20th Century Novel

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

  1. Analyses Conrad's use of symbols in heart of Darkness.
  2. Write on the character and role of Marlow in ‘Heart of Darkness.
  3. justify the title of the novel "Heart of Darkness" or How does Joseph Conrad's explore the different shades of meaning of darkness in the noble "Heart of Darkness"?
  4. Comment on the Conrad’s narrative technique in "Heart of Darkness".

A passage to India by E.M Forester 

  1. "A passage to India"is a novel of the clash of culture. Discuss.
  2. Critically Examine Forster's depiction of the Anglo Indian Community in Chandrapore.
  3. Discuss Forster's use of symbols in "A passage to India".
  4. Examine and estimate Aziz-Fielding relationship in "A passage to India". Or, How is the theme of separation represented in "A passage to India"?
  5. Comment on British Raj in India in the novel "A passage to India".

To The Lighthouse By Virgina Woolf

  1. Critically Analyze the significance of the journey to the Lighthouse.
  2. Discuss the character of Lily Briscoe.
  3. Examine the aptness of the title To The Lighthouse.
  4. Discuss the use of symbols in "To The Lighthouse".

Sons and Lovers By D. H. Lawrence

  1. Why does Paul fail to achieve meaningful relationship with either Medium or Clara.
  2. Analyze the father-son relationship in sons and lovers.
  3. Comment on the character of Walter Morel.
  4. Discuss the treatment of love and marriage in "Sons and Lovers".

The Grass is Singing By Doris Lessing

  1. The novel "The grass is Singing" is a story of a failed marriage.- Discuss.
  2. How are the black African treated in "The Grass is Singing"?
  3. Comment on the significance of the title "The Grass is Singing".
Mofizur Rahman, Department of English, Chittagong College, Chittagong.

Subject: American Poetry

Emily Dickinson

  1. Discuss Emily Dickinson's treatment of the theme of immortality.
  2. Critically analyze the poem 'I Felt a Funeral in My Brain' by Emily Dickinson.
  3. Write a critical appreciation of Dickinson's "I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed".
  4. Discuss the major themes Dickinson's poem you have read.
  5. What are the distinctive features of the poetic diction of Emily Dickinson.
  6. Discuss Dickinson as a poet of nature.

Walt Whitman

  1. Examine "O Captain my Captain" as an elegy.
  2. Evaluate Walt Whitman as a modem poet.
  3. Write a note on Whitman as a mystic poet with special references of his poem "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed."
  4. What ideas of Whitman's use of imagery do you get from a study of his poems.

Robert Frost

  1. Write a critical appreciation of the poem 'The Death of the Hired Man".
  2. Analyze the rural settings in the poems of Robert Frost.
  3. Depict the theme of alienation in the poem's of Robert Frost.
  4. "Frost is a storyteller of New England" Comment on the statement.
  5. Evaluate Frost as a poet of common man.

Langston Hughes

  1. Discuss the liberal attitude of Langston Hughes towards America.
  2. Define symbolism.What symbolic elements do you find in the poems of Langston Hughes.
  3. Discuss the elements of anti-racialism in the poem's of Langston Hughes.
  4. How does Langston Hughes expose ugly aspects of American life.

Subject: American Literature: Fiction and Drama

Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

  1. Comment on the use of symbols in the story "Young Goodman Brown".
  2. Bring out the chief features of the character of Young Goodman Brown.
  3. How is Young Goodman Brown tempted to sin by curiosity? Discuss. Or How was Young Goodman Brown taken in the world of evil?
  4. The inherent tendency to evil of human nature has been depicts in the story "Young Goodman Brown" Discuss.

The Hairy Ape by Eugene O'Neill

  1. Consider The Hairy Ape as a social satire.
  2. Discuss the major themes of "The Hairy Ape".
  3. Evaluate "The Hairy Ape" as a modern tragedy.
  4. Consider Yank as a tragic character.

The Sun Also Rises By Earnest Hemingway

  1. What is the significance of the title The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.
  2. How did the idea of masculinity change after World War I as you find in  "The Sun Also Rises".
  3. "The Sun Also Rises" is a tragic novel.
  4. Evaluate The Sun Also Rises as a fictional chronicle of a "lost generation".

Seize the Day By Saul Bellow

  1. Write a note on American life and society as depicted in Seize the Day.
  2. Comment on the theme of isolation in the novel seize the day.
  3. How did Tommy Wilhelm get his freedom in "Seize the day"?
  4. How did Mr. Tamkin convince Tommy to invest money in "Seize the Day"?
  5. Do you consider Wilhelm a victimized hero in Seize the Day. Or. What is American Drama? How does Wilhelm become the victim of American Drama.

Beloved By Toni Morrison

  1. What picture of racial violence do you find in Beloved?
  2. Critically discuss the role of Paul D in Beloved.
  3. Why did Sethe try to kill beloved? Or, Is Shethe's murder of her own child justified? Discuss in the light of your reading of Beloved by Toni Morrison.
  4. Toni Morrison's 'Beloved' portrays an institutionalized dehumanization of the slaves. Elucidate.
  5. How does Toni Morrison present in Beloved the white people's attitude towards the black people in American society.

Subject: Classics in Translation

The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer

  1. Discuss how the action in The Iliad is influenced by the immortals.
  2. The subject of The Iliad is the wrath of Achilles"- Discuss.
  3. Who would you consider to be the central hero in "The Iliad"? Discuss.
  4. What picture of society do you find in Homer's "The Iliad"?
  5. How does Homer delineate Olympian gods and goddesses in The Iliad? 

Agamemnon By Aeschylus

  1. How world you justify Clytemnestra's murder of her husband Agamemnon? Give your own reasons for your answer.
  2. Assess the role of Chorus in Agamemnon.
  3. Evaluate Agamemnon as a tragic hero.
  4. Sketch the character of clytemnestra.
  5. How far is Agamemnon responsible for his tragedy?
  6. Write a note on the use of dramatic irony in Agamemnon.

Medea By Euripides 

  1. Why does Jason turn from medea to Glauce? How is its outcome?
  2. What role does the chorus play in medea?
  3. Consider medea as a revenge tragedy.
  4. Discuss the dramatic significance of the death scene of Glauce.
  5. Is Jason fully responsible for the tragedy of medea?

The Frogs By Aristophanes

  1. Bring out the dramatic significance of the debate scene in The Frogs.
  2. Narrate Dionysus's journey into Hades.
  3. Analyse the salient features of "The Frogs" in the light of the definition of old comedy.
  4. In "The Frogs" Aristophanes criticises the intellectuals of his own period- Discuss.
  5. Frogs as comedy evokes laughter, it has no malice Elucidate.

Phaedra By Seneca

  1. Sketch the character of Phaedra as a woman of high passion.
  2. Do you agree to the view that Seneca's "Phaedra" is full of moral discourse? Give reason.
  3. How does Chorus contribute to the development of the plot in "Phaedra"? Or, Write a note on the role of Chorus in Phaedra by Seneca.
  4. Consider Phaedra as a tragedy of unrequited love.
  5. Consider Phaedra as a revenge tragedy.

Subject: Literary Criticism

The Study of Poetry By Matthew Arnold

  1. What according to Matthew Arnold are the functions of poetry? How far are they acceptable?
  2. Do you agree with Matthew Arnold that Poetry is the Criticism of life? Give reason for your answer?
  3. Critically analyses Arnold's assessment of the poetry written in the 17th  and 18th  centuries in England. Or, How does Arnold Evaluate Dryden, Pope, Gray and Burns? Do you agree with him?

The Metaphysical Poets By T. S Eliot

  1. What method does Eliot suggest for the assessment of the poets wrongly called the metaphysical by Johnson? What would such a method lead to? Or How does Eliot refute Johnson's remark on the poet whom he classified as Metaphysical?
  2. How does Eliot justify that the Elizabethan and the Jacobean poets were intelligent and the later poets were reflective?
  3. What does Eliot mean by "Dissociation of sensibility"? Discuss.
  4. Why does T. S Eliot praise Donne's ability to unify the intellectual thoughts and sensation of feeling.
  5. How does Eliot distinguish between "unification of sensibility" and "dissociation of sensibility" in The Metaphysical poets? How has the latter harmed English poetry?

Introduction to culture and Imperialism By Edward Said 

  1. How does Edward Said show culture as an instrument of imperialism?
  2. What nature of Western Imperialism is highlighted by Eadward Said in his Introduction to culture and Imperialism?
  3. Discuss the role of the English novels in perpetuating imperial rule?
  4. What is the influence of post-colonialism on Edward Said?
  5. What made Said write his book culture and Imperialism.

The Rise of English By Terry Eagleton

  1. "The rise of English" is connected with the growth and consolidation of imperialism. Explain.
  2. Discuss the evolution of English from the 18th century to the present with reference to Terry Eagleton's The Rise of English.
  3. Bring out how Eagleton links The Rise of English to the crisis in modern civilisation.
  4. Discuss the prose style of Terry Eagleton with reference to "The Rise of English".
  5. How does Eagleton Evaluate the achievement of the Scrutiny movement in the context of the growth of English studies in the early 1930's in "The Rise of English"?

Subject: Approach Method Of Learning English

(Non Major Subject)

  1. Evaluate the Grammar- Translation method focusing on its main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.
  2. What are the roles played by the learners and the teachers in CLT?
  3. What is Kumaravadivelu's concept of the post Method Pedagogy? Do you think that the post method pedagogy is required to deal with the contemporary challenges of English Language Teaching?
  4. Make a comparative study of the behaviorist theory and the mentalist theory of first language acquisition.
  5. Mention some advantages of literature as a tool for language teaching.
  6. Discuss the structural, functional and interaction views of language.
  7. State the main principles of the Total Physical Response Method (TPR).
  8. Define Linguistic Imperialism. Discuss the role of English Language Teaching in Linguistic Imperialism.
  9. Evaluate the main principles of the behaviorist theory of language acquisition or learning.
  10. Discuss and evaluate the five hypotheses of Krashen's Monitor Model. Do you agree with Mclaughlin that Krashen's Theory is seriously flawed in many respects?
  11. Briefly discuss innatism.
  12. What are the main techniques associated with the GTM?
  13. What are the key features and techniques of the Direct Method? What are its advantages and limitations?
  14. What is the Direct Method? Compare and contrast the GTM and the Direct Method.
  15. Discuss the main principles of Communicative Language Teaching. Why is CLT considered an approach rather than a method?
  16. Elucidate the limitations or challenges of implementing CLT for language teaching in Bangladesh.
  17. Discuss the main concerns and the procedures of the Natural Approach in Teaching four skills. What are the four basic stages of SLA mentioned in the Natural Approach?
  18. What is Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT)? Discuss the theoretical principles, chief features and stages of TBLT.
  19. What is Task-based Language Teaching? Discuss the types of tasks with special reference to Focused Tasks.
  20. Discuss the major strategies and techniques of developing Vocabulary.
  21. What are the merits and demerits of using literature in ELT classroom?

Subject: Continental Literature

(Non Major Subject)

The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

  1. Gregor's Metamorphosis is a metaphor of his dehumanization Discuss.
  2. Bring out the tragic and comic elements in Metamorphosis.
  3. How far does the transformation of Gregor's personality affect you?
  4. Is Kafka in his Metamorphosis cynical? Give reasons for your answer.
  5. Discuss the techniques applied by Kafka in writing The Metamorphosis.
  6. How does Kafka project Gregor Sama's alienation in Metamorphosis?

The Outsider or The Stranger By Albert Camus

  1. How does Camus in his outsider, attempt to portray the absurdity of man's existence in the universe.
  2. Discuss Meursault's view of society.
  3. Consider Meursault as an existential hero. Show how Camus synthesizes will, morality and freedom in the character of the hero The Stranger.
  4. Comment on the fall out of Meursault's friendship with Raymond in Camus The Outsider or The Stranger.

Mother Courage and Her children By Bertolt

  1. Consider Mother Courage and Her children as a tragedy.
  2. "Mother Courage and Her children is an anti-war play". Discuss.
  3. Consider Brecht as an innovative playwright with special reference to Mother Courage and Her child.
  4. How do the songs in Mother Courage and Her children relate to the play and Brecht's conception of the epic theater?
  5. In Brecht's play, the life of Mother Courage is mainly an open contradiction. Discuss.

A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

  1. Sketch the character of Nora in A Doll's House.
  2. A Doll's House is a play about a woman's self-discovery and liberation.Discuss.
  3. Evaluate A Doll's House as a play of social criticism.
  4. Justify the appropriateness of the title of Ibsen's 'A Doll's House'.
  5. Discuss how Ibsen provides suspense in A Doll's House.
  6. Comment on the structure of A Doll's house.

Crime and Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky

  1. Discuss the significant role of coincidences in Crime and Punishment.
  2. Comment on Distovsky's use of irony in his Novel Crime and Punishment.
  3. Describe Raskolnikov as a dual character.
  4. Write about imagery and symbolism in Crime and Punishment.

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