Sentence Connectors For SSC, HSC & Class 11-12 (Part-2)

Mofizur Rahman

Sentence Connectors For SSC, HSC & Class 11-12 (Part-2)

Use of Sentence Connectors For SSC-Dakhil, HSC/Alim & Class: 6, 7, 8, 9-10 & 11-12
Sentence connectors & Answer With Pdf File
Use of Sentence Connectors For Exam Preparation
English 2nd Paper, Grammar Part
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Sentence Connectors For SSC, HSC & Class 11-12 (Part-2) sentence connectors pdf connectors in english grammar examples sentence connectors for essay's

Sentence Connectors

  • Use appropriate sentence connector in the blank spaces of the following passage

Honesty is a noble virtue

26. Honesty is a noble virtue. The man (a) ---------- possesses this rare quality is the happiest man on earth. To be honest a man should have trustworthiness (b) ---------- nobody trusts a liar. A liar may prosper for the time being. (c) ---------- ultimately he goes to the dogs. (d) ---------- we should be honest. It is said that honesty is the best policy (e) - dishonesty is the sign of downfall. God helps those who are honest. (f) ---------- ?,dishonest people are cursed. Childhood is the best time (g) ---------- children should be taught honesty. It is seen that children follow their parents (h). ---------- parents should be honest. (i) ---------- children should be allowed to mix with those friends who are honest. (j) ---------- they can moulid their characters. [DjB.'16]

Answer: (a) who (b) because (c) But (d) So/That's why (e) and (f) On the other hand (g) when (h) so (i) And (j) Thus

There are some similarities

27. There are some similarities (a) ---------- differences between the patterns of eating in Britain and (b) ---------- in Bangladesh. (c) - the main meal of the people of Bangladesh is the lunch, (d) ---------- dinner is the main meal of the British. (e) ---------- the British have cereal, toast (f) ---------- tea or coffee for the breakfast. (g) ---------- in Bangladesh the people of the rural areas eat rice and the urban people eat for their breakfast.(h) ---------- we have got no special meal during a week, on occasions special meals are arranged. In Britain Sunday lunch is the most important meal of the week when a cooked meal is served at midday (i) ---------- of the evening. Before going to bed people in Britain have a hot drink like tea (j) ---------- coffee with biscuits, but people in our country are the habit of taking these things before going to bed.

Answer: (a) and (b) that (c) but (d) whereas (e) Usually (f) either (g) On the contrary (h) Moreover (i) instead (j) or.

A storm is the occasion of a violent weather with strong winds

28. A storm is the occasion of a violent weather with strong winds, rain, hail. snow, thunder etc. (a) ---------- the destructive power of storm is more often seen in village (b) ---------- in towns. (c) ---------- storms appear in the form of cyclones and tornadoes and (d) ---------- cause the death of a large number of people and domestic animals. (e) ---------- storm is a natural disaster, some measures may be taken to reduce the destruction and misery it causes. (f) ---------- plantation of trees in a large number may lessen the possibility (g) ---------- violence of storms. (h) ---------- a quick relief programme is essential for the people(i) ---------- ? have been stricken by the storm (j) ---------- the devastating storm has gone.

Answer: (a) Usually. (b) than (c) Sometimes (dj thus (e) Though (f) For example (g) and (h) Besides (i) who (j) After.

Mushroom, the fungi food, is a small wonder of for the day

29. Mushroom, the fungi food, is a small wonder of for the day. (a) ---------- its popularity is increasing very rapidly. (b) ---------- we have been neglecting there vegetables for (c) ---------- . (d) ---------- we don't know (e) ---------- it has high nutritious value. One of the reason is (f) ---------- it grows in filth (g) - soggy places and (h) ---------- ,it has something to do with frogs (i) ---------- almost all of us are unaware of its nutritional values and medicinal qualities. It provides (j) ---------- prevention against jaundicé, stomach disorder but also premature hair loss.

Answer: (a) At present (b) But (c) so long (d) as (e) that (f) where (g) and (h) therefore (i) Thus (j) not only.

Although there is a group of rich farmers in our country

30. (a) ---------- there is a group of rich farmers in our country (b) ---------- their number is very few. They often get enough from their land to meet up their daily necessaries. They may buy clothes, cosmetics and ornaments of their wives, sons (c) ---------- daughters (d) ---------- they may have some money left (e) ----------  they can invest again. (f) ---------- they get up late in the morning. (g) ---------- they take breakfast. (h) ---------- that they go to the bungalow and discuss with others the current affairs of the village. (i) ---------- they settle disputes of the villagers. (j) ---------- midday meal they often take a snap'.

Answer: (a) Although (b) but (c) and (d) in addition to (e) so that (f) Usually (g) Then (h) After that (i) thus (j) after.

It is English which is the most widely used international language

31. It is English (a) ---------- is the most widely used international language. (b) ---------- communicating with the foreigners. we cannot (c) ---------- use this language. (d) ---------- there are certain jobs in the country (e) ---------- the jobs of a pilot, a postman, a telephone operator etc (f) ---------- English is very essential. (g) ---------- a student wishing to go abroad must learn English. (h) ---------- good job depends on learning English. (i) ---------- the Importance of learning English in our country cannot be Ignored. (j) ---------- we should put high importance on learning English.

Answer: (a) which (b) while (c) but (d) On the other hand (e) such as (f) where (g) Besides (h) On the contrary (i) So (j) Last of all.

The greatness of a book depends on how we read

32. The greatness of a book depends on (a) ---------- we read mainly on the acceptability among the readers. (b) ---------- we read a book only once, we can discover many things in it. (c) ---------- basing on one reading, we can not judge the standard of a book. (d) ---------- a book is praised highly we have no doubt about the greatness of the book. (e) ---------- the first reading we may not understand a book (f) ---------- if it is read more (g) ---------- once, we will see (h) ---------- it was read and praised. (i) ---------- , the great books are those (j) ---------- have passed the test of time.

Answer: (a) how (b) If (c) But (d) When (e) only (f) but (g) than (h) why (i) so (j) that.

Men usually want to have their own way

33. Men usually want to have their own way. No one, (a) ---------- , can have his own way all the time. He has to consider the interests of others (b) ---------- his own interests. He is free to take his own decisions, (c) ---------- these decisions must not be unjust (d) ---------- harmful for others. (e)  ---------- ,he must be very careful (f) ---------- driving (g) ---------- there are other vehicles (h) - pedestrians on the road. (i) -we have to do our business judiciously (j) -we can lead a happy life.

Answer: (a) however (b) as well as (c) but (d) or (e) For example (f)- while (g) because (h) and (i) So (j) In order that.

 Illiteracy is a curse

34. Illiteracy is a curse. It is the root cause of ignorance (a) ---------- frustrates 'all development efforts of the government (b) ---------- the community. No development effort can succeed (c) ---------- illiteracy can be removed. Eradication of illiteracy, in a country (d) ---------- Bangladesh (e) ---------- so vast population is undoubtedly a mammoth task. Any individual, community (f) ----------  organization (g) ---------- the government is not capable of solving this tremendous problem single-handed. It is the social responsibility of all the educated people, men (h) ---------- women to make some all out efforts to remove illiteracy from the society. The Government of Bangladesh has (i) ---------- undertaken some effective programmes (j) ---------- there lies a lot of problems.

Answer:  (a)which(b) and (c) unless (d) like (e) with (f) or (g) even (h) and (i) already (j) although.

In Kuwait, men as well as women wear their traditional dress

35. In Kuwait, men (a) ---------- women wear their traditional dress most of the time, for men, this consists of a long robe (b) ---------- a piece of cloth covering the head. For women it is similar to (c) ---------- of a man.(d) ---------- they wear a veil. Foreign male visitors (e) ---------- wear lightweight cotton trousers and white shirts with short (f) ---------- long sleeves. Men often wear sandals during the day (g) ---------- rarely in the office. They wear a jacket and a tie for social occasions (h) ---------- when it is really hot, it is usual to take off the jacket. Foreign women visitors usually wear long, loose clothing (i) ---------- cover their neck and (j) ---------- arms.

Answer: (a) as well as (b) and, (c) that (d) Generally(e) usually (f) or (g) though (h) but, (i) which. (j) also

Although there are many problems in Bangladesh

36. (a) ---------- there are many problems in Bangladesh, (b)food problem is a great problem for us. (c) ---------- the solution of it is not easy at all. (d) ---------- the scientific method of cultivation can give better result in this regard,(e) ---------- the farmers cannot understand.(f)our farmers must be educated(g) ---------- trained up properly. They should be acquainted with modern farming (h) ---------- co-operative farming,(i) ---------- ? irrigation system is a must to grow more food (j) ---------- loans must be given to the poor farmers on easy terms.

Answer: (a) Although (b) but (c) Most importantly. (d) Although (e) but (f) In addition (g) and (h) namely (1) Besides (j) After all

Usually men want to have their own way

37. (a) ---------- men want to have their own way. They want to think (b) ---------- act(c) ---------- they like. No one,(d) ---------- can have his own way all the time. A man cannot live in society without considering the interest of others (e) ---------- his own interest. (f) ---------- people in society may make their own decisions (g) ---------- these decisions ought not to be unjust (h) ---------- harmful to others. One man's decision may easily harm another person, (i) ---------- ?. a motorist may be in a hurry to get to his friend's house. He sets out, driving at full speed (j) ---------- a competition in a motor race.

Answer: (a) Usually (b) and (c) as (d) however (e) as well as (f) Although (g) but (h) or (i) for example (j) like.

It is flower Which gives us pleasure

38. It is flower(a) ---------- gives us pleasure. There is hardly anybody (b) ---------- does not like flowers. Flowers are symbols of beauty (c) ---------- purity. Flowers are many kinds (d). ---------- of them the rose is the best one. People (e)  ---------- it most (f) ---------- it has sweet fragrance and beauty. (g) ---------- flowers bloom, nature wears a charming look. We cannot help gazing at them. Flowers always charm and amuse us with their beauty and sweet scent. (h) ---------- everybody loves flowers. (i) ---------- flowers are very necessary, (j) ---------- human life.

Answer: (a) Which (b) who (c) and (d) but (e) like (f) as (g) When (h) hence (i) So (j) for.

Water is an important element of the environment

39. Water is an important element of the environment (a) ---------- it is essential for living. (b) ---------- it is called life. (c) ---------- polluted water is harmful (d) ---------- it causes dangerous diseases. Polluted water causes (e) ---------- diseases (f) ---------- death. (g) ---------- polluted water is dangerous, illiterate people drink it. (h) ---------- we should prevent water pollution (i) ---------- we may get safe (j) ---------- sound environment.

Answer: (a) Since (b) so (c) But (d) because (e) not only (f) but also (g) Though (h) That's why (i) so that (j) and.

The paragraph and the essay are different from each other

40. The paragraph (a) ---------- the essay are different from each other. (b) ---------- there are some (c) ---------- between them,(d) ---------- the paragraph has a topic sentence to introduce the main idea. (e) ---------- it has a number of sentences in the middle to develop (f) ---------- idea. (g) ----------  there is a concluding sentence in it to bring the main idea to a close (h) ---------- the essay (i) ----------  consists of a beginning, a middle and an end. It is. (j) ---------- ?. obvious that the paragraph and the essay have some common features in respect of the structures.

Answer:  (a) and (b) But (c) similarities (d) Firstly (e) Secondly (f) that (g) Finally (h) similarly (i) a

Education is much more

41. Education is much more (a) ---------- mere literacy. (b) ---------- the concept of education is (c)  ---------- ,significant. One (d) ---------- enriched his head, hand (e) ---------- heart in a harmonious way is educated in the true sense of the term. (f) ---------- here we get the concept of three Hs (g) ---------- the acquisition of the three Rs. (h) ---------- Reading. Writing and Arithmetic (i) ---------- a literate person uplifts himself to self-learning stage, then he begins to acquire the enrichment of his head hand (j) ---------- heart.

Answer: (a) than (b) Hence (c) more (d) who (e) and (f) so (g) after (h) that (i) when (j) and.

People are the source of power

42. People are the source of power, (a) ---------- is possess the absolute power in a democratic country. Abraham Lincoln, the late president of the USA defines democracy (b) ---------- "Govt. of the people, (c) ---------- the people and (d) ---------- the people." In a true sense of democracy the majority party should form a coalition with the main opposition party (e) ---------- work together in a country. Good relation with neighboring country, liberty of newspaper, free judicial system are the essential condition(f) -denocracy, (g) ---------- in some case the ruling party in coalition minor parties forms the govt.(h) ---------- causes anarchy, (i) ---------- ?,the main opposition party in coalition will some minor parties engaged in destructive criticism and coalition. (j) ---------- the peace and discipline become destruction of the country. Let us hope, we will stride ahead with our unity towards brighter tomorrow.

Answer: (a) that (b) as (c) by (d) for (e) and (f) for (g)But (h) which (i) on the other hand (j) consequently

Bird flu/avian influenza is a viral disease

43. Bird flu/avian influenza is a viral disease (a) ---------- generally infects the jungle animals of any country (b) ---------- migrant birds. (c) ---------- poultry (d) ---------- people both are infected with bird-flu/avian influenza virus. (e) ---------- are many ways to be infected with this virus, and in Italy the bird-flu disease was identified (f) ?. (g) ---------- the panic has spreader over in Bangladesh (h) ---------- exploring the avian influenza virus in a poultry farm at Saver and the' concerned authority of Govt, and the combination of Poultry Association observe (i) ---------- almost the every zone of the infected areas of the country. (j) ---------- Govt. has taken necessary steps to prevent the bird-flu disease in Bangladesh.

Answer: (a) which (b) by (c) At present (d) and (e) There (f) firstly (g) Recently (h) after (i) keenly (j) However.

The BCS Examination is the

44. The BCS Examination is the (a) ---------- gateway to a gazette post (b) ---------- is highly longed for (c) ---------- people in our country. (d) ---------- this examination one can achieve a secure respectable career. Candidates with requisite qualification, can sit (e). ---------- the examination, (f) ---------- it is a frustrating experience for most of the candidates, there is no reason why one should not do well (g) ---------- one develops the habit of reading journals and newspapers carefully and regularly. (h) -, many candidates get nervous (i) ---------- facing the interview Board for viva-voce, (j) ---------- ?, a smart, self- confident; well-informed and well-spoken candidate is very likely to make a good impression.

Answer: (a) only (b) which (c) by (d) Through (e) for (f) while (g) if (h) Again (i) while (j) However.

Books are the bearer of knowledge

45. Books are the bearer of knowledge. These are our authentic friends, (a) ---------- they console us in our sorrow (b) - distress. (c) ---------- reading books and journals we can know (d) - is happening the (e)-world. The books we read in classes are no sufficient to make us (f) ---------- . To acquire more knowledge we have to read more books. Library is the suitable place from (g) ---------- we can get different kinds of books (h) ---------- to our needs. (1) -library is the part and parcel of our education (j) ---------- our life.

Answer: (a) Because (b) and (c) By (d) what (e) whole (f) up-to-date (g) where, (h) as (i) so (j) as wellas

The students wishing to do well in the examination

46. The students wishing to do well in the examination should give importance to several things, (a) ---------- they cannot reap a good harvest. (b) ---------- they must listen to their teachers. (c) ---------- they should act on advice and suggestion, (d) ---------- they must be serious about and more attentive to their study. (e) ---------- should always bear in mind that parents expect them to be highly educated. (f) ---------- they are indifferent to their studies, their future, will be enveloped darkness. (g) ---------- they should never mix with bad boys. (h) ---------- they should not waste a single moment.(1) ---------- they should make the best use of time.(j) ---------- they will be able to cut a good figure in the exam.

Answer: (a) Otherwise (b) For example (c) And (d) Moreover (e) Again (f) If (g) Besides (h) Even (i) Furthermore (j) Then.

Corruption has destroyed the very soul of Bangladesh.

47. Corruption has destroyed the very soul of Bangladesh. (a) ---------- ?, it has hampered our normal ways of life. (b) ---------- the malfunctioning of police necessitated the introduction of RAB. (c) ---------- we not shocked by corruptions of our officials and politicians (d) ---------- we are viewing the problem in general way. (e) ?,it has assumed enormous proportion. (f) ---------- it leads our country to a uncertain future. (g) - it is high time we attempted change soon (h) ---------- our strength is limited. (i) ---------- the consequence of not bringing any positive change will be frustrating. (j) ---------- we will never hope for a better future.

Answer: (a) As a result (b) Likewise (c) Nevertheless (d) because (e) Any way (f) And (g) So (h)though(1) Otherwise (j) Moreover.?

Traffic jam is a common affair in big cities

48. Traffic jam is a common affair in big cities (a) ---------- towns in our country. It (b) ---------- occurs in tne busy areas of a city (c) ---------- town. It is one of the major problems. Everyday the city people have to face this unbearable problem. The density of population is the main cause of traffic jam. The increasing number of buses, trucks, auto rickshaws. rickshaws is also responsible (d) ---------- this problem. (e) ---------- ?. the traffic control system is not developed in our country: The drivers are not educated and well-trained. They want to drive their vehicles at their sweet will. Illegal parking of vehicles is (f) ---------- ?responsible for traffic jam. It causes untold sufferings to the movement of the passengers (g) ---------- the pedestrians. It kills our valuable time (h) ---------- our works are seriously hampered. The problem. can be solved by adopting some effective measures. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly. Well planned spacious roads should be constructed. (i) ---------- public awareness is also needed (j) ---------- ?.

Answer:  (a) and (b) usually (c) or (d) for (e) Moreover (f) also (g) and (h) and (1) Besides (i) in this respect.

A winter morning is misty

49. A winter morning is misty (a) ---------- cold. There is dense fog everywhere, (b) ---------- the fog is (c) ---------- dense that the sun rays cannot get (d) ---------- it. Everything looks hazy. Things at distance can (e) ---------- be seen. The sun seems to rise late, (f) ---------- people also get up from bed late. Animals, children (g) - old people suffer from the pinching cold of the morning. Dew drops fall at night, (h) ---------- the morning sun peeps they look like glittering gold on grasses and plants. Farmers go to the fields with their cows and ploughs, (i) ---------- ?, people like to eat Chira, Muri, Khai and various kinds of pithas. The scenery of the winter morning vanishes (j) ---------- the day advances. Thé sun goes up, fog melts away and people go to their respective duties. A winter morning is a morning of taste and flavour to me. I like it very much.

Answer: (a) and (b) so (c) very (d) through (e) hardly (f) generally (g) and (h) gradually (i)At this time (j) and.

A library is the place

50. A library is the place (a) ----------  can help a man to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. A madrasah library is a part and parcel of an educational institution. Our madrasah has a rich library. It is housed in a separate building. Our madrasah library is well-decorated. There are three big rooms in it. Two rooms are used (b)  ---------- reading rooms. Boys and girls have separate rooms. In the other room looks are arranged in almirahs. There are about 5,000 books in our library. They include many reference books on our different subjects. It (c)  ----------  contains some rare books on history (d) ---------- ?culture, only the. students can read (e)  ----------  borrow books from the library. For this they have to issue library cards. A student can borrow two (f) - three books at a time (g)  ----------  keep them at home for a week, (h) ---------- in the reading room he is allowed to read (i)  ----------  many books as he can. It remains open from 9 am to 5 pm except on holidays. Our madrasah library is a great attraction for us. We are (j) ---------- proud of it.

Answer: (a) which (b) as (e) also (d) and (e) and (f) or (g) but (h) as (i) as (j) really.

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