Right form of Verbs For JSC, SSC, HSC & Class 11-12


Right form of Verbs For JSC, SSC, HSC & Class 11-12

Right form of Verbs/Use of Verbs For HSC/Alim & Class 11-12, 9-10, 8, 7, 6
Exam Preparation For English 2n Paper
English Grammar, Right form of Verbs/Use of Verbs
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Most Important Right form of Verbs/Use of Verbs
Right form of Verbs For JSC, SSC, HSC & Class 11-12 right form of verbs exercise right form of verb rules for hsc rules of right form of verb


Right form of Verbs Exercise

Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.

An ideal teacher knows

1. An ideal teacher knows the art of (a) ---------- (teach). He (b) ---------- (make) his lesson interesting. His methods (c) ---------- (be) convincing and inspiring. An ideal teacher (d) --------- (treat) his students like his own children. He(e) ---------- (praise) the good works done by them. If any of his students (f) ---------- (commit) some mistakes, he is not very harsh to him. He tactfully makes the students(g) ---------- (realize) his mistakes. An ideal teacher is never angry with his students. He(h) ---------- (behave) well with all. He (i) ---------- (interest) in simple living and high thinking. He never (j) ---------- (set) a wrong example before his students. [Alim Exam-2019]

Answer: (a) teaching (b) makes (c) is (d) treats (e) praises (f) commits (g) to realize (h) behaves (i) is interested (j) sets.

Cricket is a popular game

2. Cricket is a popular game. Both the young and the old (a) ---------- (get) pleasure from this game. In fact, cricket (b) ---------- (call) the gentlemen's game. It (c) ---------- (entertain) us with politeness and discipline. A sense of brotherhood and fraternity (d) ---------- (create) among the playing nations through it. At present cricket is the most popular game in Bangladesh. 'The English (e) ---------- (play) it here in this subcontinent and since then it (f) ---------- (become) an integral part of our entertainment. Our team (g) ---------- (consist) of skilled players. They already (h) ---------- (show) their performance in several matches. But it is a matter of sorrow that sometimes our players (i) ---------- (play) so poorly that our countrymen (j) ---------- (become) astonished. [DB.'19]

Answer: (a) get (b) is called (c) entertains (d) is created (e) played (f) became (g) consists of (h) have showed (i) play (j) becomes.

 A poor man was once

3. A poor man was once (a) ---------- (put) in a jail, although he. (b) ---------- (do) no wrong. After a long time, the king of the state (c) ----------  (visit) the jail and the man told him that he was innocent but a case (d) ---------- (file) against him by some of his enemies. The king (e) ---------- (inquire) privately and (f) ---------- (find) that it was true. He (g) ---------- (give) the man some money and set him free. He went straight to the market. In a shop there, wild birds (h)  ----------  (keep) in cages for sale. He said to the shopkeeper, I wish to buy all the birds of your shop. These birds unjustly (i) ---------- (imprison) and I like to (j) ---------- (set) them free. [RB.'19]

Answer: (a) put (b) did (c) visited (d) filled (e) inquired (f) found (g) gave (h) kept (i) imprisoned (j) to set.

Kuakata, locally known as Sagar Kannya

4. Kuakata, locally (a)  ----------  (know) as Sagar Kannya (b)  ----------  (be) an uncommon scenic-spot of Bangladesh. Kuakata (c)  ----------  (take) its origin from the story of a 'Kua" or well-dug on the sea-shore. It (d) ----------  (allow) a visitor to watch both the sunrise and the sunset from the beach: The beach (e) (have) a typical natural setting. This sandy beach (f)  ----------  (slope) gently into the Bay and (g) (bathe) there is as pleasant as is swimming or diving. Fishing boats (h)  ----------  (ply) in the Bay of Bengal and (i) ---------- (surf) waves add to the vibrant colours of Kuakata. Steps (j)  ----------  (take) to preserve the beauty of the famous beach. [JB.'191

Answer: (a) known (b) is (c) takes (d) allows (e) has (f) slopes (g) bathing (h) plying (i) surfìng (j) should take.

Teaching is a noble profession

5. (a) ---------- (Teach) is a noble profession. A teacher (b)  ----------  (teach) his students from' the core of his heart. He teaches his students with a view to (c)  ----------  (give) the light of education. By(d)  ---------- (get) the light of education, students can (e)  ---------- - (enlighten) their inside. The students(f) ---------- (learn).their lessons now as their teachers (g) ----------  (instruct) them. But the students now-a-days act as though they (h)  ---------- (know) everything. They are not (i)  ----------  (pay) heed to their teachers advice. But the students must be careful in their studies lest they (j)  ---------- (fail) to secure good marks. [CB.'19]

Answer: (a) Teaching (b) teaches (e) giving (d) getting (e) enlighte (f) are learning (g) are instructing(h) knew (i) Paying (j) should fail.

Man is a social and rational being

6. Man is a social and rational being. He (a)  ----------  (have) freedom of choice, thought and expression. But everybody should (b)  ----------  (consider) that he is not the only person in a society. There(c) ---------- (be) many persons in the society and they (d)  ----------  (have) the same right that one (e) ---------- (expect) from one's society. So, to (f) ---------- (form) a peaceful society one should be watchful to see that other's rights are not violated. Every citizen must (g) ----------  (cultivate) the habit of obeying the rules and regulations of the society. Selfishness (h) ---------- (not help) the society. Rather it (i) ---------- (destroy) the peace and happiness of others. So, we all (j) ---------- (think) of the greater interest of the society. [CtgB.'19]

Answer: (a) has (b) consider (c) are (d) have (e) expects (f) form (g) cultivate:(h) doesn't help (i) destroys (j) should think.

When I was a child I was afraid of the dark

7. When I was a child I (a)  ---------- (be) afraid of the dark, and I(b) ---------- (go) to sleep with a light on. Even then, I feared that monsters (c)  ----------  (climb) in through my bedroom window. Every sound I (d) ----------  (hear) struck fear into me. Often, I ran away from the room and (e) ----------  (sleep) on the floor at the foot of my parents' bed. Now that I (f) ----------  (be) almost twenty, I obviously do better than what I (g) ---------- (do) as a child. However, I (h)  ----------  (be) still scared of bedtime. I hate(i) ---------- (sleep) alone, and 1 still keep a tiny night-light on, And before I go to bed, I double-check every door and every window to make sure that they(j) ---------- (be) locked. [SB.'19]

Answer: (a) was (b) went (c) would climb (d) heard (e) slept (f) was (g) did (e) was (f) sleeping/to sleep (g)are.

Once there lived an idle king

8. Once there(a)  ---------- (live) an idle king. He (b) ----------  (not. undergo) physical labour. As a result, he (c)  ---------- (get) bulky and could not move from one place to another. He (d) ---------- (call) in a doctor. The doctor(e) ---------- (be) clever and wise. He did not (f)  ---------- (prescribe) any medicine for the king. He asked the king to buy a club and (g)  ----------  (move) it in the air till his hands (h) ---------- (get) moistened. The king started.(i) ---------- (follow) the prescription. Thus the king (j)  ---------- (relieve) of his problem. [BB.'19]

Answer: (a) lived (b) did not undergo (c) got (d) called (e) was (f) prescribe (g) to move (h) got(1) following/to follow (j) relieved.

9. Most often people who(a)  ----------  (appear) most often and most gloriously in the pages of history (b)  ---------- (be) great conquerors and generals. Whereas, the people who really (c)  ----------  (help) civilization forward are often never (d) ----------  (mention) at all. We do not know who first (e)  ----------  (set) a broken leg or (f)  ----------  (launch)  a sea worthy boat or (g)  ---------- (calculate) the length of a year. The great men are those who (h)  ---------- (work) ceaselessly to quicken the pace of civilization. On the contrary, the condemned men are those who (i) ----------  (cause) bloodshed and violence in the world. All of us (j)  ---------- (adore) the great men of the world . [DjB.'19]

Answer: (a) appear (b) are (c) help (d) mentioned (e) sets (f) launches (g) calculates (h) works (i) causes (j) adores.

Education plays an important role in student life

10. Education plays an important role in student life. Examination (a)  ---------- (be) a part of education. It (b) ---------- (determine) the merit of the students. A good performance in the examination (c)  ---------- (need) for a student to be (d)  ----------  (allow) to the next class, Students (e)  ----------  (expect) to be short and accurate while (f) - (answer) the questions in the examination. Most of the students (g)  ----------  (write) in their papers accurately as they (h) ---------- (realize) the questions properly. As a result, they (i)  ----------  (get) a poor marks in the examination, so, this kind of matter (j)  ----------  (be) very shameful for the students. '[Alim Exam-2018]

Answer: (a) is, (b) determines, (c) is needed, (d) allowed, (e) are expected, (f) answering, (g) cannot write, (h) cannot realize, (i) get, (j) is.

Education is not confine in madrasahs, schools, colleges

11. Education (a)  ----------  (not, confine) in madrasahs, schools, colleges and universities only. The family, the society and, the whole world tend (b)  ----------  [educate) us. We (c)  ----------  (learn) from our. educational institutions formally from the inception of the civilization. But what we (d)  ---------- (learn) from experience in our practical life is more important. Education (e)  ----------  (begin) from birth and ends only at death. We continue our (f)  ----------  (learn) throughout our whole life. If any nation wants to develop, it (g) ---------- (educate) the people. The more a nation (h)  ----------  [educated), the more it is developed. While. the developed countries (i)  ---------- (run) fast, we are in the same position. We can keep pace with them only by (j)  ---------- (educate) our vast population. [Altm Exam-2017]

Answer: (a) is not confined, (b) to educate, (c) have been learning, (d) are learning, (e) begins, (f) learning, '(g) must educate, (h) is educated, (i) are running, (j) educating.

12. The environment (a)  ----------  (refer) to air, water and land in which people, animals and plants live. So human beings, animals, plants, air, water and soil (b) ----------  (be) the main elements of the environment. The natural forces such as storms, cyclones and earthquakes (c) ----------  (be) also a part of this environment. Climate (d)  ----------  (be) thus a condition of the environment. All things that (e) ---------- (make) up the environment (f)  ----------  (interrelate). The way in which people, animals and plants(g) ---------- (relate) to each other and to their surroundings (h)  ----------  (know) as ecology. The ecosystem (i)  ---------- (be) a complex web that(j)  ---------- (link) animals, plants and every other life form in the biosphere. [Alim Exam-2016]

Answer: (a) refers, (b) are, (c) are, (d) is, (e) make, (f) are interrelated, (g) are related, (h) is known, (i) is, (j) links.

If all the children of Bangladesh

13. If all the children of Bangladesh (a) ---------- (go) to school, the country(b) ---------- (get) rid of the curse of illiteracy. To boost up education, the government (c) - (spend) more money. Subsidies must (d) ---------- (give) in the education sector. Teachers (e)----------  (need) to (f)  ----------  (train) for good teaching. The poor students can (g)  ----------  (bring) under "Food for Education" programme. We (h)  ----------  (take) care that no institution (i)  ---------- (close) down due to political clashes. All concerned (j)  ----------  (be) conscious about it. [HSC All Board-2018]

Answer: (a) go, (b) will get, (c) should spend, [d) be given, (e) need, (f) be trained, (g) be brought(h) must take, (i) will be closed, (j) should be.

Road mishap happens in our country

14. Road mishap (a)  ----------  (happen) in our country almost everyday. Recently it (b)  ----------  (rise) to an alarming rate (c)  ---------- (take) á heavy toll of human lives. The members of a family remain anxious if someone (d) ----------  (travel) in a bus. In most cases, reckless driving (e) ----------  (cause) road accidents. The drivers are in the habit of (f)  ----------  (violate) traffic rules. Road accidents can be (g) ---------- (lessen) if the drivers drive their vehicles carefully. People should be conscious in this respect. While(h) ---------- (cross) the road, they should be careful. Some people travel (i)  ----------  (climb) in the roof of the buses and trains. Traffic rules must be maintained strictly with a view to (j)  ---------- -(control) road accidents. [DB.'17]

Answer: (a) happens (b) has risen (c) taking (d) travels [e) causes (f) violating (g) lessened (h) crossing (i) climbing (j) controlling

It has been over three hundred years since emperor Shah Jahan of Delhi

15. It has been over three hundred years since emperor Shah Jahan of Delhi (a) ---------- (build) the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his wife in Agra. Architecturally, it (b) ----------  (be) one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The building (c)  ----------  (make) of fine white marble with inlays of coloured marble. It (d) ---------- (have) eight sides and many open arches. It (e)  ----------  (rest) on a platform or terrace of red sandstone. Four slender white towers,(f)  ----------  (rise) from the corners of the terrace. A large dome (g) ---------- (stand) above the center of the building. Around this large dome there (h) ---------- (be) four smaller domes. Just inside the outer walls, there is an open corridor from which the visitors (i) ---------- (look) through carved marble screens into a central room. The bodies. of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz (j)  ---------- (lie) in two graves below this room. [RB.'17]

Answer: (a) built (b) is (c) is made (d) has (e) rests (f) rise (g) sands (h) are (1) look (j) lie

Most of the people who

16. Most of the people who (a)  ----------  (appear) most often and most gloriously in the pages of history (b) ---------- (be) great conquerors and generals and soldiers, whereas the people who really(c) ---------- (help) civilization forward are often never (d) ----------  (mention) at all. We do not know who first:(e) ---------- (set) a broken leg, or launched a sea worthy boat or (f)  ----------  (calculate) the length of a year, but we (g)  ---------- (know) all about the killers and destroyers. People think a great deal of them, so much so that on all the highest pillars in the great cities of the world you (h)  ---------- (find) figures of a conqueror or a general or a soldier. And I think that most people (i)  ---------- (believe) that the greatest countries are those that(j) ---------- (beat) in the battle the greatest number of countries and ruled over them as conquerors. JB.'17]

Answer: (a) appear (b) are (c) help (d) mentioned (e) set (f) calculated (g) know (h) can find (i) believe (j) beat

English is the most widely used international language

17. English (a) ---------- (be) the most widely used international language. It (b) ---------- (learn) to communicate with the foreigners for various purposes such as (c) ---------- (maintain) co-operation, co-existence and exchanging business information. 'There are also certain jobs which (d) ---------- (require) a good functional knowledge of English. The jobs of a pilot, a postman, a telephone operator, a tour guide, a mechanic, a receptionist of an international ,hotel, an executive of a multinational firm etc. (e) ---------- (be) a few of them. Besides, a student (f) ---------- (wish) to go for higher studies must learn English because the books on advanced education are mostly (g) ---------- (write) in English. So, the importance and demand of learning English in our country can, in no way, be (h) ---------- (ignore). Rather, we should (i) ---------- (put) high importance on (j)  ---------- (learn) English to make room for ourselves in the competitive world. [CB.'17]

Answer: (a) is (b) is learnt (c) maintaining (d) require (e) are(f) wishing (g)written (h) ignored (i) put(j) learning

The liberation war of Bangladesh inspired many artists, singers and cultural activists

18. The liberation war of Bangladesh inspired many artists, singers and cultural activists. Eminent artiste Shaheen Samad (a) ---------- (join) Bangladesh Mukti Sangrami Shilpi Sangstha during the liberation war. She along with others (b) ---------- (inspire) millions with her voice (c) ---------- (raise) funds for the refugee camps. The cultural troupe used to (d) ---------- (travel) to refugee camps and different areas in Mukta Anchal. They (e) ---------- (perform) patriotic songs and arranged puppet shows, besides (f) ---------- (stage) dramas. Shaheen Samad said, "Liberation war always (g) ---------- (be) an inspiration for me." She sang a lot of songs during that time and now (h) ---------- (feel) honoured to have been able to inspire the freedom fighters. She has the memorable harmonium with which she sang in 1971. Now she(i) ---------- (wish) to hand it over to liberation war museum. This eminent artiste wants live performance of those moving songs on TV channel, at least one song in,a week and thus (j) ---------- (cover) all the year round. [CtgB. '17]

Answer: (a) joined (b) inspired (c) to raise (d) travel (e) performed (f) staging (g) is (h) feels (i) wishes (j) covers

Jerry is an orphan

19. Jerry is an orphan. He (a)  ---------- (come) to the orphanage at the age of four. He(b)-(lose) his parents in his infancy. Then, he (c)   --(commit) to the care of the orphanage. He could hardly (d)-(recollect) his parents' memory. In spite of (e) ----------  (be) an orphan, he had developed a strong fabric of morality. His inimitable morality (f) ----------  (draw) him close to the writer. The writer (g) ----------  (impress) with him. She started (h) ---------- (show) affection for him. Jerry (i) ---------- (take) her for his mother. He fabricated a lie(j) ---------- (win) her heart. [SB.'17]

Answer: (a) came (b) lost (c) was committed (d) recollect. (e) being (f) drew (g) was impressed (h) showing (i) took (j) to win

Air is an important element of the environment

20. Air (a) ---------- (be) an important element of the environment. But it is constantly being(b) ---------- (pollute) in many ways. We make fire to cook food and (c)  ----------  (do) many works. This fire emits smoke which (d)  ----------  (contaminate) air. Vehicles pollute air to a great extent by (e)  ----------  (burn) fuel. Air pollution also (f)  ---------- (happen) when coal and oil (g)  ---------- (burn). Mills and factories can be(h) ---------- (hold) responsible for this pollution. It is high time we (i)  ---------- (check) air pollution. Otherwise we (j) ----------  (suffer) a lot. [BB.'17]

Answer: (a) is (b) polluted (c) do (d) contaminates (e) burning (f) happens (g) are burnt (h) held (1) checked (j) will suffer

In the last autumn vacation

21. In the last autumn vacation I (a)  ---------- (get) sufficient time. So I (b)  ----------  (make) up my mind to make a journey by train from Dhaka to Chittagong. I (c)  ----------  (reach) the station about half an hour before the departure of the train. It (d)  ---------- (be) then a very busy time. Rickshaw, motorcars another vehicles (e)  ---------- (come) to the station with passengers. Coolies (f)  ----------  (run) behind them. There (g)  ---------- (be) shouts and rush of the passengers and the coolies. After some time hearing a whistle, the passengers (h)  ----------  (stand) in a queue before the ticket counter. I also (i)  ----------  (stand) in the line and (j)  ---------- (buy) a second class ticket. [DjB.'17]

Answer: (a) got (b) made (c) reached (d) was (e) came (f) ran/ were running (g) were (h) stood (i) stood(j) bought

Football is a favourite game in our country

22. Football is a favourite game in our country. It (a)  ----------  (arrange) between two teams(b) ---------- (contain) eleven players each. The captains of both teams (c)  ----------  (lead) their groups. This is the most exciting and enjoyable game ever (d)  ---------- (play) across the world. It (e)  ----------  (run) for an hour and a half with an interval after half of the time (f)  ---------- (be) over. Any football tournament (g)  ---------- (arrange) between two strong teams can be exciting. The result (h)  ----------  (remain) almost unpredictable till the end because any team might win the other team (i)  ----------  (score) a goal within seconds. The referee is to see whether rules and order (j)  ---------- (maintain) by the players. [DB.'16]

Answer: (a) is arranged (b) containing (c) lead (d) played (e) runs (f) is (g)arranged (h) remains:(i) scoring (j) are maintained

Once there lived an idle king

23. Once there (a) ---------- (live) an idle king. He (b)  ----------  (not undergo) physical labour. As a result, he (c) ---------- (get) bulky and could not move from one place to another. He (d)  ---------- (call) in a doctor. The doctor (e)  ---------- (be) clever and wise. He did not (f) ----------  (prescribe) any medicine for the king. He asked the king to buy a club and (g) ---------- (move) it in the air till his hands (h)  ---------- (get) moistened. The king started (i)  ---------- (follow) the prescription. Thus, the king (j)  ---------- (relieve) of his problem. [RB.'16]

Answer: (a) lived (b) did not undergo (c) got (d) called (e) was (f) prescribe (g) move (h) got (i) to follow (j) was relieved

 Idle brain is devil's workshop

24. Idle brain is devil's workshop. If we (a)  ----------  (waste) our time in idleness, all sorts of evil thoughts will crowd our brain. Idle persons who (b)  ---------- (kill) their time are burdens of society. They (c) ---------- (sit) idle and cherish no high ideal and lofty ambition in life. They (d)  ----------  (not support) themselves. They (e) ---------- (lead) an unhappy life and (f)  ----------  (suffer) in the long run. There should be time for reading, for office or other work, time for physical exercise, time for recreation and time for prayer. This(g) ---------- (indicate) that we should do everything at the right moment. We (h)  ---------- (lead) a healthy and prosperous life only when we (i)  ---------- (follow) the routine which we (j) ---------- (make) for our guidance. JB.'16

Answer: (a) waste (b) kill (c) sit (d) cannot support (e) lead (f) suffer (g) indicates (h) may lead (i) will fallow(j)make

Parents is blessings of God to us

25. Parents (a)  ----------  (be) blessings of God to us. When a child (b)  ---------- (bear), their joys (c) ---------- (know) no bounds. They (d) ----------  (start) (e)  ---------- (think) of (f)  ----------  (nurse) and (g)  ----------  (bring) up their children. They (h)  ---------- (remain) safe under the custody of their parents since birth. Parents never mind (i) ---------- (take) pains for the upbringing of their off-spring. We (j)  ----------  never (offend) our parents. [CB.'16]

Answer: (a) are (b) is born (c) know (d) start (e) thinking (f) nursing (g) bringing (h) remain (i) taking (j) should (never) offend

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